Sakura Haruno

Ld To the last, Kill them all Chapter It was necessary; seeing how Bee had thoroughly destroyed the previous one. The defending teams will be guarding a ‘client’. How you do so is entirely up to you, your strategies will be taken into account for your final score. If the attacking teams land what would be considered a killing blow on your client, that will also be taken into account. Attacking teams, your objective is infiltration. Your effectiveness at the art of stealth will be the primary measure of your success. Sasuke looked out of the corner of his eye, finding a Kumo kunoichi, dark skinned with red hair.

Hinata Hyūga

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After breaking up with the most popular boy in school Sasuke Uchiha, nothing in her life works. Her grades are slipping, she only has three friends left and her Guardian is about to take her car away due to her bad grades. That all changes when she bumps in Naruto Uzumaki, the number one loser of Konoha High School and discovers his secret power. It tries to keep most of the characters as close to canon with a normal background and generally succeeds.

Tenten, Sai, and Samui are gay in this The Ace: Sasuke, he is the best student in class without trying, has all the girls swooning for him, is the best looking guy in school, and is rich. Naruto, when he sleeps with a stuffed half bear and half frog and calls it froggy-bear. It is kinda hard not to be this. All Girls Want Bad Boys: Sasuke is the most popular boy for a reason. Deconstructed with Sakura, dating him more or less destroys her life, PG version. All Love Is Unrequited: Hinata, Ino and Tenten lose Naruto to Sakura.

Sasuke loses Sakura to Naruto Advertisement:

Hinata Hyūga

As Sasuke starts remembering the death of Itachi, his Sharingan starts to resonate and show him the truth that Itachi never spoke a word of. Soon after entering the Academy, Itachi exhibits his genius and finds himself at the top of his class. They accept a mission from Granny Cat to look for a missing feline who’s a skilled Ninja Cat!

At the start of RPG Mode, a mission automatically activates, and you won’t be able to date Kakashi, Sasuke, Sakura, and Shizune until the tournament is over. Additionally, Iruka won’t pop out in front of the academy as he normally does, so you have to talk to him inside the Ninja Dojo in order to date him.

Sasuke saw her as little more than a spoiled princess, a view that Sakura later realised herself after providing no assistance during dangerous missions. Even so, she saved Sasuke from lossing himself time to time by using her feelings to get through to him. By Shippuden, after Sasuke was willing to kill Sakura, she tries to give up on him and resolves to help kill the now rogue ninja.

Of course, she can’t bring herself to do so, making her feel useless to love once again. After Sasuke’s redemption, he opens up to the idea of starting a relationship with Sakura. They eventually marry and have a daughter named Sarada. It’s implied that Sarada may have a crush on Naruto’s son, Boruto. At first, Sakura pretty much hated Naruto for being a brat and while excited to be on Sasuke’s team is sickened when Naruto joins as well.

When Sasuke and Naruto team up to take down various rogue ninja, Sakura begins to see that Naruto is just as impressive as Sasuke. She believes in Naruto and doesn’t want to see his dream crushed. He however, doesn’t believe it.

Hinata Hyūga

Can you tell the future or something? In my opinion, I think Hinata is more deserving of naruto’s love and affection more than anyone. She has silently been watching over him from the beginning and she has more faith in him than anyone else. She believe that he can become hokage when everyone had doubted, I mean how do you know that naruto will never like her in that way, you aren’t him. And Sakura, I don’t hate her or narusaku but I don’t think Sakura had truly move on from sasuke, and I don’t think she ever would.

Hinata is married to Naruto, dating Sasuke and Karin. Asks are welcomed and there may be some short oneshots along the way k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Open Marriage AU Hinata is married to Naruto, dating Sasuke and Karin. Asks are welcomed and there may be some short.

Sorry, something has gone wrong. NaruHina development thus far: Hina stalks Naru from the shadows; mumbles, fidgets, mutters, faints and stutters a lot. Becomes obsessed with Naru’s nindo. Neji kicks Hina’s butt. Naru swears to avenge her. She says after the war is over, she will stop chasing after him once and for all. Naruto then holds Shikamaru’s hand in exactly the same way as Hina’s. Like Kushina Saku is picked on over a physical feature. Like Minato with Kushina, Naru is the first non-related guy to compliment Saku.

Naruto risks his life to save Saku from Gaara. He even mentions saving Saku more times than Konoha.

Do Hinata and Naruto ever get together?

Click here to view non-canon work. Bad enough that Sasuke heard this, but if Naruto, who was impersonating him at the time, heard this, who knows what that could do to him? When Naruto’s forced to clean Hokage Rock after defacing it with paint, Iruka tells him he’s not going home until it’s completely clean.

Only later did Naruto start to realize that he loved Hinata because in the movie events happen where Naruto looks into Hinata’s memory from her point of view and things finally start making sense to him.

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Where Are You Hinata

Actually, I did not plan to write an essay about this. But, it makes me upset to see some Naruto fans esp. This essay has around 10, words. Kishimoto himself said that the movie is part of the actual storyline. This is the statement of Kishi:

Naruto and hinata dating fanfic all he really like naruto fanfic anyways, enjoying a project of naruhina one who she had been patient. Is a new era taylor swift in one movement he was training about four months.

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Naruto and Hinata share their first kiss