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Great win for gamers in the country. We hope to see the full range out, especially the really good looking Call of Duty Headsets. Included in the line-up that will be brought to South Africa are products like the feature-packed Ear Force XP and XP premium wireless gaming headsets. The new XP and XP headsets bring the wireless Bluetooth chat of the acclaimed XP headset to a more affordable price point, whilst adding the ease of rechargeable batteries and new 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi RF wireless technology that virtually eliminates interference with wireless networks in the home. To finally be able to make these incredible products available to South African gamers is an opportunity that has existed for some time and we believe the launch of the XP and XP will be the first of a range of successful Turtle Beach products to launch locally. We now look forward to seeing our products on store shelves, and enriching the gaming experience for the South African gaming community. The company’s main objective is to provide its clients and customers with software products and accessories that deliver a highly satisfying entertainment experience.

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Headsets , Peripherals Having a headset is the one thing that all serious gamers need. However, most headsets require custom settings or wire configurations that may not always be complicated but being tethered to your console may not be the best solution. Thankfully, Turtle Beach has just released the Stealth P which is a completely wireless application with only one USB dongle between having great sound and going back to the TV speakers.

It is the one thing we liked about the PlayStation Gold headset and that is why we like the Stealth P. The Stealth P features 50mm cups right out of the box which provide plenty of sound in a small package. This feature will give you directional sound in the headset which is great for most applications.

Turtle Beach Titanfall Ear Force Atlas Gaming Headset Xbox 1 Xbox PC NEW New-Turtle Beach Titanfall Ear Force Atlas Official Xbox One Xbox PC Gaming Headset Ready for all versions of Titanfall (Xbox One, Xbox &PC); Full Chat Functionality on Xbox One from Xbox One Audio Adapter, In-line Amplifier for Xbox and PC Players Game and.

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May 02,  · I just read Mad Lust Envy’s huge post about all of the headphone reviews (which was an excellent read btw) and, although helpful, I feel exremely overwhelmed. I know nearly NOTHING about headphones. Long story short–I desperately need everyones suggestion for some gaming headphones. I .

Buyer sends product in question to seller. Seller receives and checks returned product. Seller approves return and return is completed. Strictly no cancellation for E-voucher after purchased. Return Request for return within 7 calendar days following delivery date. Check seller’s approval on buyer’s request.

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You can request for return after obtaining product, you should send the product in question to seller. After seller checks if returned product is flawed, and approves your request, return is completed and payment is refunded.

Turtle Beach posts list of all Xbox One-compatible headsets

So it turns out that the Stream Mic sounds nice, and it also has a suite of features that make it ideal for console broadcasters. Because you can press a button and start livestreaming to Twitch from native apps on Xbox One or PlayStation 4, a lot of people have invested in headsets to improve the quality of their audio. What really sets the Stream Mic apart is that it does all of the processing inside the unit.

That means it can filter out background noise and give you a better-sounding final product than even most USB microphones. It is also a serviceable mic for podcasts, interviews, and voice over work.

Description. 12V AH GEL Battery for Brutale RR F4 Series Yamaha XP FZ8. The 12V AH GEL Battery for Brutale RR F4 Series Yamaha XP FZ8 by Mighty Max Battery offers the highest level of reliability, the punching performance, and lengthy duration at an incredible price.

I was blown away at it, such a fittingly wonderful presentation for a remarkable piece of gear. After opening the box, I was greeted by the audio system, where I actually stood for a few minutes and looked at it, seeing it in the flesh was quite a different experience to having just seen photographs of it on the ASTRO website. This open, circumaural dynamic headset is framed with dull black matte plastic, whilst the sliders for the earcups is a chrome painted plastic.

I would be totally intimidated if I saw the entire opposing team were using ASTROs at a tournament, they give off a very professional gamer vibe. This is a headset for people who take their gaming seriously. The headset connects to the MixAmp through a 2M 3. In the past two weeks that I have had the A40 system I have spent hours either gaming, watching movies or critiquing music.

I have been able to easily achieve 10 hours without head or neck fatigue thanks to the headband pressure being 2.

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The majority of this type of content is just 2 audio channels which are encoded in either Dolby ProLogic or DTS Neo This format can upconvert a source 2 channel left, right stream and output 5 discrete channels. It was originally developed so you could encode 5 channels into 2 channels while also allowing the content to sound fine when listening on a stereo with only left and right speakers. It was pretty ingenious of the Dolby Labs guys.

To encode 5 channels into 2 left, right is achieved by adjusting the levels and phase of a sound between the left and right speaker. Channel Left — A sound mixed solely in left channel Channel Right — A sound mixed soley in right channel Channel Centre — A sound mixed in equal volume on the left and right channel Channel Left Rear — A sound is mixed into the left channel and also 90 deg out of phase in the right channel Channel Right Rear — A sound is mixed into the left channel and also deg out of phase in the right channel Modern chips are quite capable of decoding with little bleed between the any of the 5 channels.

The Xbox One does not decode 2 channel content correctly yet for Dolby Digital.

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Tweetle Turtle Beach is always been known for high quality audio products in the realm of gaming and their line in continued that trend. We talked to him about gaming, their new line of wireless headset devices and much more in this exclusive interview. Sean Gibson, Gaming Illustrated. Could you give me your name and your job title please? You can chat and hear game audio completely wirelessly.

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How to get chat on the Turtle Beach XP300, XP400 and XP500 to work on PC tutorial