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He just knew she had done this on purpose to spite him. Knowing Mijung was in town for a K-pop concert, he went to the venue to talk to her. The encore song played at the end of the concert. Mijung waved at her fans and posed for pictures. Someone hooked an arm around her neck, and she looked up to see Amber. Mijung laughed and put an arm around her. Mijung jabbed her in the side with a grin. Once the concert was over, she headed off stage. She stopped and looked up. Her eyes widened in surprise at the sight of her ex-boyfriend.

HK singer G.E.M Tang involved in racy photo scandal

Can you do a scenario where you and Kai attend an awards show together? You’re an idol too and you and kai are like the famous dancing idol couple. You do a fantastic job with these scenarios, don’t give up kaibility: The fanchants behind my back were so incredible loud, that screaming even more. I had no idea why the organizer planned it out like this. Buf of course, EXO was the absolute trend right now.

was a depressing year for EXO, with them losing two members (and a third in early ) who in turn sued their company, SM Entertainment, as well as a dating scandal involving one of the members.

Scandal Bohee wiped her tears after putting her phone away. Yesterday nobody knew her. Now everybody knows her. But they hate her. This is not the kind of popularity she was hoping to aceive. This guy’s fans are completely crazy. They even threatened her to kill her.

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Several dubious photos of a man who looks like Kris were circulated on Weibo. June 15, The K-pop star became the centre of speculations when two users called themselves Kris’ ex-girlfriends and uploaded pictures of a man they claimed is Kris. In the pictures that have since been deleted, the person appears to be sleeping and has the same ear-piercing that the “xXx:

I don’t wanna connect them cuz Metal is like it’s own separate entity, and only one of eight chapters gets a continuation. (but if you wanna see a continuation of any of the other Metal Chapters, then comment or message me bros, I can make that happen).

Notes on a Scandal: Over the course of just seven months, SM Entertainment has lost grip of the strict, faithful schedules and procedures by which they have always done their business. SM still manages to be pretty good at this, more or less. The dating scandals of Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Yoona back at the beginning of the year are an interesting case. The rumors about this incident were irresponsible and harmful, and SM did a decent job of threatening legal action to shut them down.

Other than that, they tried to deflect attention from the incident, stating that it was horseplay gone wrong between friends, and quickly moved on. With these four news items, SM continued on its path of being reactionary to media reports, but also seemed to be making a huge internal shift of how they deal with dating rumors. For a huge entertainment company, reports of tax evasion are embarrassing and damaging to its corporate reputation, since it suggests not all is well at the highest levels of authority.

EXO Chen, AOA Hyejeong Dating?; ‘Random but True,’ Says Insider [EXOs Dating Scandal]

He has an older brother, Byun Baekbeom. Baekhyun started singing at a young age. At age of 9, he decided to become a professional singer and began to participate in various competitions to gain experience and meet other young singers. Baekhyun is former student of Jungwon High School. He was a member of the school’s band and attended several musical festivals, later winning an award at a local rock festival.

Feb 25,  · The incident: On 30 January , rookie group Block B sat down for an interview with Thai Media Outlet RYT9. From the start, this interview was marked by a number of embarrassing and childish actions such as members lounging on the coffee table, dancing in their seats and in one incident, imitating a gorilla.

Many groups lost members, some old group members returned, and some celebrities forever changed their public image. Some netizens accused Sojin of being rude while others came to her defense, saying that the bit was scripted. Sulli first took a break from f x in July to cope with malicious commenters online. In , she finally announced that she would be departing from the group, stating her desire to focus on her acting.

Despite utmost support from his fellow U-KISS members, including Soohyun and Kevin , Eli ended up deleting all of his social media accounts a week later. Unfortunately, the poorly organized concert tour left many fans disappointed. The numerous screwups included oversold tickets, fans being locked out of the venue and left to stand in the rain, refunds not being delivered, concert organizer staff being rude to fans, and the fan meeting being cut short.

Ever since her drug scandal and subsequent hiatus from the music industry in , Koreans have had a negative view of Park Bom. This became one of the most lengthy and divisive scandals of the year, with public opinion constantly changing from supporting Clara to supporting the CEO. Although the girls looked overjoyed to be onstage with their favorite idols, the public criticized them for not acting in accordance with their religious beliefs by hugging the B1A4 members.

The video showed that Yewon did indeed speak informally to Lee Tae Im.

Exo Baekhyun and Girls’ generation’s Taeyeon dating scandal

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Advertisement According to a user on the One Hallyu forum, insiders have revealed that Chen and Hyejeong are dating. I heard it from the insiders. I was flustered because it was random but it’s true,” the user wrote. Reactions to the rumor have been mixed. While some fans have supported the couple, most were surprised and expressed disbelief. SM Entertainment has not verified the information, nor has any proof surfaced about Chen and Hyejeong’s alleged liaison.

The members of EXO are constantly under heavy scrutiny, and their secret love affairs are most often the topic of speculation. Chen, however, is not the first member to star in his own dating rumor. Soon, the two admitted that they were indeed in a relationship. They were SM Entertainment’s first couple, a rather rare feat considering the entertainment agency’s strict regulations when it comes to “idol dating.

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Or are we all trying to forget it for its bias and unfair system? Voting for the awards began in October of the same year and I thought there was a fair range of nominees and the committee selected a variety if talents for each award. The following artists attended and performed at the awards ceremony: Pet Shop Boys were invited as special guest performers on the night. I shall give some comments afterwards regarding the winners.

EXO’s Chen and AOA’s Hyejeong are currently the subject of dating rumors that first circulated among fans. EXO’s Chen and AOA’s Hyejeong are currently the subject of dating rumors. According to a user on the One Hallyu forum, insiders have revealed that Chen and Hyejeong are dating. “It’s Hyejeong.

In the photos, Chen and his ex-girlfriend are looking affectionate together suggesting that they had a beautiful relationship. In a particular photo, Chen is backhugging the woman wrapping his arm around her. Chen also makes goofy face while taking selfie with her and the other photo is a screen capture of their video call. According to some, his ex-girlfriend shared the photos to her friend after they broke up and that friend leaked the photos on internet.

Fans and netizens have contrasting reaction to this as yet another EXO member is belatedly revealed to had been in a relationship. Most fans are in Chen’s defense claiming that it’s the idol’s private life and as long as being in a relationship doesn’t affect the group, it’s alright while netizens are expressing their disappointment thinking that Chen is one of nice members that wouldn’t get into such scandal and reprimanding fans that they shouldn’t be too delusional thinking that their idols aren’t dating at all.

We are not sharing the leaked photos of Chen and his ex in this post in respect to Chen.

BaekYeon: Baekhyun and Taeyeon confirmed to be dating.

As the name suggests, the ‘visual’ is the physically most attractive member with the best looks. To list a few examples, there is T. These beautiful individuals are usually the ones who represent the group in commercial films etc. However, as I was scrolling through my newsfeed on facebook on one typical night, I chanced upon this rather interesting post: Though it is ordinary for us typical kpoppers to pinpoint to specific individuals in a group as members, I am kind of stunned that it never occurred to me of the possibility that all members in a group be visuals.

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Be friendly people if you think your bias is in a wrong place go defend them but in a good manner. The Top Ten 1 D. Is there even anything to say. Kyungsoo have improved in all of his comfort zone. He have been awarded a number of awards for his brilliant acting skills. He have been in a drama and in a movie. This improvement will bring his popularity to the top in no time.

He has a gold voice with also a great acting skill. There is no doubt to put D. O on the top! Exo we are one 2 Lay Zhang Yixing, better known as Lay, is a Chinese singer-songwriter, record producer, author, dancer, and actor. I’m not even biased.

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I do think, however, I can read certain actions or situations in a way only gay people can really pick up on because they remember either doing it or dealing with it. This is purely my own personal analysis and I am definitely not stating any of this as fact. I will also be talking more in depth on the two members I believe to be entirely homosexual as I feel it warrants detailed explanations outside of “well he looks it”.

Take it however you will. I will be including Kris and Luhan in this analysis because they had moments and they are still EXO in my mind. Also I will only be analysing using straight, gay, and bisexual as I feel there are definitely no pansexual, asexual, or transexual members.

Does EXO’s Sehun Have A Girlfriend? Sehun does have a very handsome face, and many rumors have questioned if Sehun is dating any girls, both among artists and ordinary people. Even some sites often pair Sehun with female idols from SM Entertainment.

I also want to dedicate this award to I believe we have the brilliance of Last year , 22 November , at The fact that we managed to get another big award , thank you very much. And more than anyone else , our EXO-Ls! EXO-Ls who have always been giving us support and love , thank you and i love you guys. I think that this is all possible because of you guys. Thank you very much for being with us today. On last year , was a unlucky and controversial year for EXO. Many big issues popped out to EXO.

In year , EXO once again have to face the sadness of members leaving the group again. Will EXO losing another members again? EXO had topping the charts for 2 months.

Former EXO member Kris Wu involved in sex scandal?

Pada Awalnya, saya tidak tidak mempercayai satupun foto tersebut. Aku langsung pulang ke rumah. Aku melihat folder EXO di laptopku dan menangis. Ini menyakitkan, tetapi aku tidak mengetahui mengapa aku merasa seperti itu. Aku sangat menyukai SNSD. Ini menandakan Aku tidak seharusnya membencinya.

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Plastic Surgey, Sex Scandal, etc. Wednesday, December 04, gossip , Offstage , plastic surgery , rumor , scandal Working as a Korean entertainment journalist, I can hear rumors about Kpop stars from the people involved in Korean music scene. Of course, rumors are just rumors. The rumors may contain wrong information. However, some of them are trustworthy because there is convincing evidence of it. Here are some rumors about Kpop stars. Please figure out who they are! She wanted to be a glamorous sexy star, and decided to visit Chinese acupuncture and herbal clinic.

She got acupuncture instead of breast enlargement operation because it makes the breast get bigger inch by inch. As getting acupuncture constantly, she has been so popular among guys because of her perfect body.

” BREAKING” Who is girlfriend in EXO? :)))) AMAZING NEWS