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Instead of just displaying 3D pictures, the next-generation View-Master headset will allow kids to go on interactive virtual reality experiences such as degree tours of planets, undersea adventures or fly-by tours of famous sites or cities. The new View-Master is based on Google’s Cardboard virtual reality technology, and stereoscopic video will be delivered through “experience reels. The virtual reality images combine photos and computer graphics. A Google team worked with Mattel to develop a product concept over about five months, Dickson said. The first View-Master was introduced in , and Mattel has ambitious plans for the new virtual reality headset. It plans to develop more interactive content, as well as longer videos, said Doug Wadleigh, senior vice president of global brands at Mattel.

Mattel, Google bring virtual reality to classic View-Master

Irwin plastic windup Tashiro Hardware Yesler Way Seattle. However it is missing the small pieces that mount on the roof windshield; horn; spotlight and the flag.

It was only in the s that the View-Master became a toy, and afterwards, cheap reels were produced showing scenes across the world, Disneyland and cartoon characters in ‘3D’.

Pro Reels Haunted House 2. October 07, Pro Reels Haunted House is an advanced UK fruit machine simulation and is packed full with great features including: Full options menu with: February 23, The Penn Lambda Calculator is an interactive, graphics-based pedagogical software that helps students of linguistics and computer science practice the typed lambda calculus. Freeware Penn State New Kensington 1. Thinking of attending Penn State New Kensington?

Prospective students and families can navigate the campus and learn about our unique programs and culture through self-guided tours.

Antique and Vintage Stereoview Photographs

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The View-Master will support the existing Cardboard application, but the View-Master app provides access to more kid-friendly video reels, Dickson said. Agam Shah covers PCs, tablets, servers, chips and semiconductors for IDG News Service.

Barnitz, George Alan , Barnitz family photographs, ca. The photographs include agricultural activities and rural farm life from the early s to s in Phelps and Dent counties. The photographs include subjects such as cattle and hog raising, baling hay, showing livestock and the Lake Spring Homemaker’s Club in Louis, Montgomery City, and Mexico, Missouri. The documents include wedding announcements, newspaper clippings, and letters written to Martin Bates, Jr.

The Photographs consist of portraits of family members and friends in the form of prints, tintypes, and ambrotypes. Joseph Union Station, ca. Bean, Jack, Photograph Collection, P 0. Beckhart Family Photographs, P Copy prints of photos of the Beckhart family, including images of hunting and houseboats.

Vintage viewmaster results

Photo and Copyright by Chautauqua Photographing Co. Spring Training headquarters for the Philadelphia Phillies. Color photo courtesy Chicago Chamber of Commerce. Postmarked in Chicago on April 27, There is thumb print crease of the left centerfield area.

Nov 09,  · I get comic books, novels, & ViewMaster Reels as well. If you want to discuss this stuff & other things, then PM me here on I enjoy anime, video games, & sci-fi, too.

Irwin plastic windup Tashiro Hardware Yesler Way Seattle. However it is missing the small pieces that mount on the roof windshield; horn; spotlight and the flag. Nationals; Canadian Nationals; O. Nameplate on front is engraved: Nehalem Bay Races Trophies plaque on base.

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Vol. 1 contains a lengthy classification of fungi; vol. 2 is a book-shaped box lined in plush purple velvet, containing a small portfolio of 33 Viewmaster reels and a working Viewmaster. An amazing, delightful set for any mushroom hunter.

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But don’t be surprised if you see something from a World’s Fair, Knott’s Berry Farm, or someplace else that is cool! I love Vintage Viewmasters! You should see my collection. It demonstrates quite clearly that there is something wrong with me.

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The human visual system uses various techniques for discerning depth in order to perceive objects in three dimensions, such as: More accurate representations of perspective can be achieved through matrix transformations of 3D space in to 2D space , which is feasible due to the general availability of powerful computers. Stereoscopic images which exploit stereopsis have been produced commercially for almost as long as photographs, and continue to be mass-produced today.

Lenticular lenses and parallax barriers enable multiple images to be displayed on a single surface, so that different images are seen when the image is viewed from different angles. With precision-manufactured lenticular prints, it may be possible to create convincing three dimensional effects exploiting perspective, stereopsis and focus. Laser holographic images reproduce all the effects we associate with three dimensional imagery, but are deficient in resolution and colour characteristics and inconvenient to produce.

The challenges of comfortably presenting a convincing 3D illusion Realistic focus effects are difficult to recreate since they are formed by small deviations in the angles at which light diverges from its origin or virtual origin. To enable the viewer to focus at will upon different parts of a recorded or synthesised image, each pixel on a two-dimensional display must present different colours at subtly different angles so that each pixel itself consists of a two dimensional array of sub-pixels.

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John Koski sits down in his swivel chair and assesses the damage. After looking over the tests, he makes a diagnosis: Then, he begins his operation, disassembling defective parts and replacing them. The whole procedure takes anywhere from four to eight hours. John Koski Koski brings failing machinery back to life. A collection of antique radios and clocks, portable audio cassette players, oscilloscopes, floppy disk readers, vacuum tube radios, and other ancient machinery lie around his workspace—the oldest piece of technology dating back to the s.

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Several Classic View-Master Reels