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Of course, the world NEEDS more people like that to be "out there." Men with integrity, morals, character, intellect, self esteem and a sense of humor. But they are eviscerated by posters here who think that they should all be OUT OUT OUT. If anything an out gay always has someone defending him (yeah, him, not sure the same is true for lesbians).r70, unclench and drop those pearls.Not even understanding that some of the celebs mentioned in this thread ARE living their lives openly and comfortably They just don't have glitter shooting out of their asses.[quote] even though he was on Dude Tube showing his ass. Dudetube's webmaster just put the dudetube logo on the caps. The way some celebs live is "Yes, I am gay and I might tell you IF it is any of your business. I don't lead with that." You know, like a COMPLETE, WHOLE PERSON? "And wasn't Duchovny addicted to sex with women a few years ago."Only if one assumes that.This pic raises more questions than those pretty innocuous caps. The real photo that's taken from is Matt Lanter with his current girlfriend. (Which is easy to do re; his show Californication.)The gender was never specified.I known I've said it numerous times in both the Matt Lanter thread and the Colton Haynes thread (and I don't want to sound like a broken record), that those Matt Lanter screencaps did show up on Dudetube shortly after (literally several days after) the gay blog opened its own video chatroom. All that was ever said by Duchovny (and Tea Leoni) was that his addiction was to online porn and sex chat rooms etc.Its known that they are out in their day to day life but feel they don't have to make an announcement. Shallow, sex-obsessed, narcissistic, amoral, vicious and toxic? That is all it means, that is all it will ever mean. And if it is only about SEXUAL attraction, then why do men fall in love with each other? R6, Are we really absolutely sure about all of those?I can't believe you actually rambled on with all that bullshit, you are trying to somehow be "deep" and failed desperately. And many people are sexually attracted to members of their own gender from time to time when they considers themselves STRAIGHT, asshole. If they are all gay they are pretty actively closeted.It also confirms various rumors Lanter has had since he started on Bravo's 'Manhunt' modeling show and the info that those close to the production have said (which was also revealed here at DL in the main Matt Lanter thread). Like who are are these out gay actors who are too "gay subculture" for you? I'm one of those who just think/feel this to be the case as I swear in every picture of them -- especially when they're photographed together -- they both ping like crazy!There are various little tidbits about Lanter around the net..his team actively stops any posting of those pics, plus censors any talk of his sexuality.they target gay sites. (I'm not even including they stuff he says in interviews such as his "long list" of guys that he'd "definitely go gay for" such as Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

R22 that isn't but other's on the list are out, just don't announce it. I don't think public figures just because their gay and glassed off have to be held to different standards than any of us. I have a public, local job but when i'm speaking to an audience, even if its a GLBT as it often is i'm not obligated to say oh yeah, i'm gay...You have to actually confirm it, no matter how 'obvious' it may be.That is why even sites like Wikipedia will not list Jodie Foster as gay or in the LGBT actors section because she has never said those words.I just want to watch you morons attempt to define what "gay" means. Try using THAT definition with intelligent thinking people..you know any. It is BIGGER than what you read about here on this rather toxic website, too. And I haven't seen a discussion on her visit this fall to Vladivostok, she was literally humping some guy on stage, that looks really awkward and kind of rude, and though I think she's been clean for quite a while, I have no idea what was on her mind that very second.... It is just that some people (celebs) who would clinically be defined as homosexual cannot discern the differences or are too repelled by much of the subculture to understand the distinctions or have a strong personal identity quite apart from the gay "scene" as it is depicted in the media. It's the CLOSET CASES who try to live so as to appeal to American everywhere who are REPULSIVE, shit-for-brains.Gay is not "bad," but there is a lot of negative connotations to gay SUBCULTURE stuff, particularly the bar "scene" and the Craiglist hookup posts. I don't think some stars want to be affiliated "gay" because they have their own notions of sexuality that are not defined by gay.[quote]I don't think some stars want to be affiliated "gay" because they have their own notions of sexuality that are not defined by gay. Oh my god, straight is pure, straight is good, straight hot, straight is masculine, straight is acceptable, straight is perfection, straight is normal, straight is power, straight is what I am desperate to be!! They just don't want to have to always BE the "poster child" for "I'm a cool guy who does not have asshole pics on Craiglist" kind of person. Some celebrities really don't want to be a part of the bullshit aspect of all of it and didn't sign on to carry the torch, as it were. Not the people who are upfront as to who they really are. It's not as if people here are nice to straight or especially closeted celebs...

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