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Hard wallets in the form of flash-drive like devices bring an extra layer of security, by limiting exposure to the internet.

They have to be plugged into a computer or phone before they can be spent.

Its value stems partly from the fact that it's decentralized; no single institution or government controls the network.

It was developed based on a proposal from a software developer called Satoshi Nakamoto, according to Coin Desk, which tracks cryptocurrency prices and reports on events in the crypto space.

The technology includes cameras and microphones that are installed on DVRs or cable boxes and analyzes viewers’ responses, behaviors and statements to various ads — and then provides advertisements that are targeted to the particular household.

Specifically, the technology can monitor sleeping, eating, exercising, reading and more, Ad Week reported.“This may sound preposterous, but it’s neither a joke nor an exaggeration,” said Mr. “These DVRs would essentially observe consumers as they watch television as a way to super-target ads.

Low transaction costs are another feature along with instantaneous transfers.

Perhaps its biggest attraction is that its supply can't be increased or decreased at the whim of a controlling entity. Bitcoin rules state that only 21 million bitcoins can ever be created, though the coins can be split into smaller parts. "The relatively high volume of cryptocurrency turnover, against limited real-world use, suggests that many buyers are seeking speculative gain, never intending to use cryptocurrencies to make a real-world transaction," UBS analysts said in report quoted by CNBC.

They'll need what the industry calls a wallet to store the private keys that give access to cryptos.Three popular ones, according to Buybitcoinworldwide.com, are Ledger Nano S, Keep Key and Trezor.Just remember, don't lose it, forget your password or fail to back it up, or you might lose your cryptocurrency forever. In other moves by financial companies to bring bitcoin to investors, on Sept.China recently banned initial coin offerings and trading in cryptocurrencies, and it may not be the last government to act on concerns about giving up control over the flow of funds, the ability to monitor taxable gains or appearing vigilant in protecting investors.But many retailers are accepting bitcoins as payment, including Microsoft, Target, Home Depot and Subway. Only a handful of ETFs and other exchange traded products have significant exposure to bitcoin or other cryptos.

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