Wpf combobox binding selecteditem not updating

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Thanks, it's the Is Editable issue that is causing the problem for us - I wasn't aware of that specific behaviour.My example data item doesn't implement INotify Property Changed, but our actual data items do, so they update correctly. The Combo Box Display Member Path is bound to 'Full Name' and the combobox contains a list of Person objects.The 'Full Name' property should be the same in the Text Block, Combo Box, and Combo Box dropdown list.I'm using Linq to Entities, and I'm setting the overall datacontext to the results of a Linq query: And everything seems to work correctly, i.e., the appropriate values are displayed in the Combo Box, right up to the point where focus leaves the Combo Box.At that point, the displayed value returns to the original value, not to the newly selected value.Can anybody tell me why the Combo Box isn't updating when I change the First Name text?

if this logic is not built into this custom control, then you will have either build that in, or call Raise Property Changed every time u add/delete an item from the collection I did try adding a custom property to the collection and that's why the Display Member is there.Hi, I have an Observable Collection in my View Model that I'm binding to the Items Source of a Combo Box.The problem I'm having is in the Get Databases method where it adds a string to the Database collection.instead of dxg: Look Up Edit can u try using wpf's combobox, is dxg: Look Up Edit a custom/thrid party control ?xaml looks fine other wise , when Raise Property Changed is invokes, it notifes the control that Server proerty has changed and needs to bind,as you said this is a hack.

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