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Call 0754004373 I want a born-again man to be my husband wife. [email protected], 27, wants to meet a serious Muslim man for a relationship.

[email protected], 28, is looking for a Born-again man, 30-40, for marriage.

[email protected]@i am seeking a man for love.

[email protected] is looking for a lady, 20-35, for love.

:-)Someone who likes to do something together, who is down-to-earth, informal, humorous, understanding and lovable. I am very confident that I will be your most favorite and nice and pretty distraction you love!

Latifah, 24, living in Kireka, wants a man, 35-45, for marriage.

[email protected] LY lady, 19, is searching for a white man for marriage.

Call 0704808705 LADY, 44, BORN-again wants a Born-again Muganda man for marriage.

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