Who should make the first move in online dating

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So what can we do about this old-fashioned, sexist dating rule that hasn't been put to rest yet?

Think about it, pretending you’re a guy, if a girl at a concert is smiling at you, you’d be way more likely to have to the courage to talk to her, right? There’s no greater way to show them that their advances are welcomed than by sending a quick message. Every person you contact is someone who might not have even seen your profile. Besides, why trust complete strangers to decide what's best for you? If you don't make the first move, all you will get are messages from people who think you are good for them. ' The question doesn’t really matter, it’s just a way to break the ice and show you’re interested without being too forward.Women feel like before online dating, men used to have to make a lot more effort to meet and date a woman...Considering dating and pursual is now taking place on phones, women feel like men don’t have to make much effort or risk whatsoever.And earlier this year, an Ok Cupid report revealed that most women, regardless of sexual orientation, don't send the first message either.Straight woman were 3.5x less likely to take the lead compared to straight men. As much as I wanted to see that more women were initiating conversations, this is definitely a common issue I see among my own friends too — the assumption that "if he was interested, he would have messaged me first!

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