Who is ray liotta dating

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Otherwise Ray Liotta may be rather hard to live with, even abusive in his relationships.His health should be good and his recuperative powers are strong.Ray Liotta will probably marry for love and his mate will be a friend to him as well as a lover.The atmosphere in his family life is affectionate and protective.Ray Liotta tends to be touchy, defensive and rather territorial, and if he perceives a threat to his family or home or personal safety, he can be quite aggressive.Sometimes Ray feels out of sorts and hostile for no apparent reason, and this is usually due to unexpressed, unresolved anger from the past.His erotic nature is strong and Ray Liotta is likely to have a lot of romantic relationships.

Intimacy does not come easily to Ray Liotta and he may appear cold or unfeeling to others due to his emotional reserve and caution.Ray Liotta thinks with both his mind and his heart and he has an unobtrusive, empathic intellect.Liotta relates to others in an affable, considerate and thoughtful way and always seem to find the right words at the right time.Emotionally excitable, Liotta tends to act impulsively and make rash decisions without thinking of the consequences.Others may see Ray as an eccentric, somewhat selfish and unpredictable.

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