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Ray Liotta also has a desire to lead, to compete, or to be a free agent - and he is not entirely conscious of this desire.

It is good for Liotta to have benign outlets and ways to let off steam on a regular basis, such as demanding physical work or athletics.

Ray Liotta tends to be touchy, defensive and rather territorial, and if he perceives a threat to his family or home or personal safety, he can be quite aggressive.

Sometimes Ray feels out of sorts and hostile for no apparent reason, and this is usually due to unexpressed, unresolved anger from the past.

Otherwise Ray Liotta may be rather hard to live with, even abusive in his relationships.

His health should be good and his recuperative powers are strong.

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He is strongly attracted to the opposite sex and his relationships tend to be harmonious.

Perhaps due to painful relationships and separations in his early life, Liotta does not trust others very easily and it takes a long time to break down all of his barriers and defenses.

He may feel that he has few friends or people that really care about him.

In love relationships, Ray Liotta desires a deep, intense and passionate union with his beloved and forms very strong emotional bonds and attachments.

Ray "marries" the person he loves at a very deep emotional level, and is often extremely possessive and jealous of anyone who may pose a threat to that union. Ray Liotta tends to be somewhat suspicious of his partner's relationships, even if they are merely platonic.

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