Who is miesha tate dating

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Reports indicate that the pair split up right around Miesha’s retirement from the Octagon.Some suggest that the break occurred literally weeks before her last fight at UFC 205, but again nothing to confirm that.A former Strikeforce Women’s Welterweight champion, Tate was known for her grapping ability, athleticism and determination.Her legendary rivalry with Rousey, which began with their March 2012 Strikeforce fight, was one of the most infamous in UFC history and in today’s sports world, credited by UFC President Dana White with bringing women’s MMA to the UFC and piquing national interest.Tate had been waiting for her shot at Holm ever since the latter beat the seemingly undefeatable Ronda Rousey, then-UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, at UFC 193 in November 2015.

The pair relocated to Las Vegas because he seems to be the one man who knows how to deal with them both, the couple says.Miesha Tate’s boyfriend Bryan Caraway is a funny guy.He told a joke on his social media that “it’s funny how drinking 8 cups of water in a day seems impossible but 8 beers in two hours goes down like a see-saw.” I need to remember that one.She won me over."That's the part that has been the hardest on Tate and Caraway.When Tate enters full fight camp mode, as she has for her bout against Mc Mann, she used to feel as though her coach was following her home at night.

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