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With his best friend, Cooper Harris (Jacob Pitts), Scott attends a graduation party that evening where the band performs a song detailing the affair Fiona was having with the band's singer (Matt Damon).Scott returns home drunk and angry and reads an e-mail from his German pen pal, Mieke (Jessica Boehrs), expressing sympathy for Scott and suggesting they meet in person.The scenes with a German lorry driver were taken at unfinished D5 motorway near Pilsen.Review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a 46% rating based on 119 reviews, and an average of 5.1/10.After being mistaken for terrorists and thrown into Guant√°namo Bay, stoners Harold and Kumar escape and return to the U.S., where they proceed to flee across the country with federal agents in hot pursuit.

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Scott appears on a balcony and spots Mieke in the crowd below.

They attempt to hitchhike to Berlin, but due to a language misunderstanding, they end up in Bratislava. Jamie sells his camera to afford plane tickets to Rome.

In Rome, the group heads to the Vatican City, where Mieke is touring before her summer at sea.

Mechlowicz portrays Scott "Scotty" Thomas, an American teenager who travels across Europe in search of his German pen pal, Mieke (Boehrs).

Accompanied by his friend Cooper (Pitts) and siblings Jenny and Jamie (Trachtenberg and Wester), Scott's quest takes him to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Bratislava, Berlin, and Rome, encountering awkward and embarrassing situations along the way.

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