Who is dylan spouse dating

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'Bob has a thing for black women,' confirms Howard Sounes, author of the respected Dylan biography Down The Highway.

He has a daughter, Desiree, known as Desi, who is now 23 and is pictured here for the first time.

The band will be accommodated in another bus, and he will most likely entirely ignore them for all but the hours which they spend on stage.

Cantankerous and obsessed with security and privacy, Dylan seems to be addicted to life on the road.

'When the children were younger he would put them in an old pick-up truck and they would go to the movies or go skating, so they did live a fairly regular life.

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Indeed, for someone who is famous for being an uncommunicative loner, Dylan has an almost ludicrously eventful romantic life.

Then he will embark on a tour of America with country singer Willie Nelson.

Dylan will travel, as he always does, in a gigantic silver customised Prevost bus, worth around £1.5million.

For all that, Dylan seems to be addicted to the experience of working his way across the globe.

There have been more than 2,000 concerts since he began touring in 1988.

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