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She has an inkling but she doesn't know and so I had to work really hard not to cry and I didn't succeed. ' Christmas special, "The Husbands Of River Song" chronicled the final date between the Doctor and the out-of-sequence River Song before she would then meet him for the first time, from his point of view anyway, in the Library back in Season 4.We had to do a couple of takes, I just started bawling and again I saw Peter, you know he's tough, he doesn't show or share those emotions and the last few moments we were filming and I was looking at him and said, 'My God! That encounter, technically the first time the Doctor met his future wife (who already knew about their marriage), proved to be the end of River Song's timeline, as she sacrificed herself in order to save him.”When Alex walked in, she had such exuberance and intelligence and wit that we just started formulating a character,” says exec producer Carol Flint.”It was very unusual.” Kingston did have one weensy reservation: ”It was scary signing five years of your career to absolute thin air, but if you want to be an actor, one is taking on a life of risk.English tabs still scour for dirt on her 1995 split from husband Ralph Fiennes.”Obviously if you’ve been in a relationship for 12 years, the wounds are going to take many, many years to heal, and what upsets me is that journalists want to keep reopening those wounds,” says Kingston, who now calls herself a ”proud divorcee” and is currently dating a German writer. One morning a pushy journalist knocked on my door and I had to close it on him.” Point taken.(Perhaps you’re still fanning yourself after seeing her earthy, lusty, husband-hopping heroine in PBS’ 1996 miniseries ‘s blunt new surgeon Elizabeth Corday.”This character is bright, ballsy, and not terribly straight,” she says.

”She’s such an explorer — I mean, this is a woman who’s already seen more of L. She has an incredible willingness to learn about life.” And, as her star rises, the media have been eager to learn about her as well.

That, or it could be a mixture of the glare of the sonic screwdriver mixed with the pain of taking an LED light straight to the eyes.

next Christmas special is scheduled to air December 25th on the BBC, with a few actors having been confirmed to be reappearing.

”To introduce someone into the show who’s English and a little wacky allows Americans to see that the Brits aren’t all was more than just a proving ground for the London-raised Kingston; it was a bloody transatlantic leap of faith.

During a 1996 visit to the States, she was invited to meet the show’s producers; the next thing she knew, she was offered the full monty.

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