Vba excel validating data in cells

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I'm including the named range solution for 2003 users only.If you're using an version, you don't have to work this hard and you should feel free to skip to the next section.If you need a specific error message, use the Error Alert tab. If you want to add or delete an item, you must open the Data Validation dialog and alter the list accordingly.Let's move on to a more dynamic solution, using a named range as the control's source list.In this example, there's only one column, but an indefinite number of rows.We can best support this configuration using the following syntax:=OFFSET(),1)That's probably clear as mud.First, let's create the Table as follows: Although Excel automatically assigns a range name to a Table, you can't directly reference the object as a validation control's source list.But there is an easy workaround—reference the Table as a second named range, as follows: Next, build the validation control as you normally would but reference the second named range, Chocolates List, as shown in Figure L.

For your convenience, you can download the example demonstration .xlsx, and files.Updating the Table automatically updates the validation list, as you can see in Figure M.After adding Carob to a new row in the Table and sorting the column, the validation list displays an updated and sorted list.The Table solution took little setup and little specialized knowledge.You might have noticed in Figure M that the cell with the validation control is easily visible because of its bright Fill color.

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