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It is anticipated that the consulted lawyer will not have any direct contact with the consulting firm’s client, and that the consultation will be hypothetical in nature.Is it ethical for a criminal defense attorney who suspects his client is not competent to allow that client to enter a guilty plea without first filing for a competency evaluation What are the defense attorney’s ethical obligations toward a client of questionable competence When a Utah attorney acts as local counsel, what are the Utah attorney’s duties under the Utah Rules of Professional Conduct where the lead attorney is not licensed in Utah and is admitted pro hac vice, and the client and/or the pro hac vice attorney want local counsel to do as little as possible so that the client incurs the minimum amount of fees for local counsel’s work?

Utah Statute of Limitations for Medical Malpractice If you have been injured by the malpractice of a health care provider you have only two years from the date you discovered or should have discovered your injury to bring your claim against the health care provider, but you cannot bring the claim after four years from the date the malpractice occurred unless a specific exception is provided. For example, if the malpractice which occurred in your case involved leaving a foreign object in your body such as a clamp during a surgery, then you have one year from the time you discovered or should have discovered that the object was left in your body to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit. Claims for each of these intentional acts require you to bring a lawsuit within one year from the date the act occurs. Staue of limiatations on fraud when due diligence does not discover fraud for two years, then is request to modify divorce decree because of fraud new discovery of hidden assets of ,000 is found, what is my recource to file for fraud and perjury?

Further, if the accident was caused by a state, county, or city employee the Governmental Immunity Act of Utah applies which also incorporates a different statute of limitation. The federal agency then has authority to settle any claims, sometimes with the concurrence of the Attorney General and such a settlement is final and conclusive if you accept it.

Utah Statute of Limitations for Injuries Caused by State, County, or City Governments or Employees If your Utah personal claim is against a governmental entity such as the state, a county, or a city or an employee of such a government entity then the Utah Governmental Immunity Act applies.

First, can the lawyer appropriately outsource the lien resolution?

Second, is the treatment of the lien resolution fee appropriately treated a “cost” to the client?

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