Updating servers with rpm radiocarbon dating effects

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Leaving it in will cause a great many false positives.Don't forget that DNSBL is disabled by default in SME!SME 7.2 now includes the qpsmtpd logterse plugin allowing Log Level to be reduced to 6 without losing any critical tracking information yet significantly reducing overall log activity, consequently extending log retention times.If you are using Brian Read's spamfilter-stats-7script to get daily emails of mail server activity, you should update to the latest version to ensure that you have support for the logterse plugin.SME 7.2 introduces /etc/cron.daily/sa_update to automatically update your Spamassassin rules daily.Brian Read had published /etc/cron.daily/sa-update (with a dash instead of an underline) for updating Spamassassin in SME versions prior to 7.2.As a result: Therefore, unless you are an expert with yum and have made specific sme-related customizations for some reason, you must reset your yum repository configuration to the SME defaults using the instructions found at SME Server: Adding_Software#Restoring_Default_Yum_Repositories or your yum updates will fail sooner or later.All SME updates assume that the default repositories are enabled, and that any 3rd party repositories you may have configured are SME 7.2 includes different default values for some settings. Any configuration database item that has a "default" value can be set to the default value using SME 7.0 - 7.1.3 all defaulted to qpsmtpd Log Level 8 (or 'debug') in order to make sure that the logfile contained all plugin results.

The SME update process does not reconfigure your yum repositories automatically in order to preserve any existing custom configurations you have created.

If you have blackhole.in your SBLList and have RHSBL enabled then ALL INCOMING EMAIL WILL BOUNCE.

You must remove blackhole.from your SBLList for your email server to work properly. You should check your qpsmtpd logs at regular intervals to assess the impact of your selection.

You should follow the standard #Yum_Update procedure above.

SME Server runs yum automatically to check for available updates.

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