Updating quantum cryptography 2016

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In August 2015 the NSA released a major policy statement on the need for post-quantum cryptography, updating its Suite B recommendations in the process.The announcement surprised most of the crypto community with inconsistencies in the recommendations and interrogations about whether or not the threat posed by quantum computers was overblown. Koblitz & Alfred Menezes speculated about NSA freaking out about the adoption of ECC.NSA published the advisory memorandum to move to quantum resistant symmetric key options and to allow additional continued use of older public key options as a way to reduce modernization costs in the near term.In the longer term, NSA is looking to all NSS vendors and operators to implement standards-based, quantum resistant cryptography to protect their data and communications.Below are the most common reasons: This site uses cookies to improve performance by remembering that you are logged in when you go from page to page.

NSA believes that NIST can lead a robust and transparent process for the standardization of publicly developed and vetted algorithms, and we encourage this process to begin soon.

Therefore, the FAQ document is mostly targeted for these “NSS” (national security systems) vendors.

The FAQ claims that the timing of the Suite B updates was an opportune moment to make the announcement about Quantum resistance but no particular breakthrough motivated the update of the recommendations.

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