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A typical symptom of PIO mode is slow data transfer, accompanied by high processor load, leading, for example, to a choppy video display.The most frequent use why a CD or DVD port falls back to PIO mode is a scratched or otherwise unreadable CD or DVD.Occasionally a chip set or controller driver is buggy, so check with the manufacturer for updates.2007-03-01 – Francois Eraud reports one such case in a Sony laptop, regarding an ALI M5229 chip set controller, solved with driver version 4.008.(This pin is responsible for DMA requests of the hard disk.) As the disk can no longer reach the host with its requests, there is a communications problem, and Windows XP switches into PIO mode.A blessing in disguise: You can still save the data, though slower than usual. Just pulling the pin straight may not quite cut it, as the connection to the printed circuit board is probably broken.

2009-06-27 – markvm confirmed again that the BIOS in a Dell computer prevented DMA mode. In his case a hard disk was not recognized by the BIOS.Please note that this works only with the Windows drivers.If your device had its own manufacturer's drivers installed, this program cannot fix the problem and will not do anything to them.However, there are a few reasons why a computer may use PIO instead of DMA, particularly when it's the hard disk port that falls back, not a CD/DVD drive port.For example, David Duberman reported in 2005 that some Dell computers have DMA disabled in their BIOS by default for the second hard disk.

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