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Posted January 3rd, 2010 in ASP, Coldfusion, Javascript, Latest, PHP, Server Side Includes, Uncategorized, Web Design and tagged asp, Coldfusion, copyright, copyright date, dynamic update, Javascript, PHP, Server Side Includes, ssi by deconspray It’s a new year, and it’s time to get back to work.So why do your websites still read © last year or worse?A copyright “notice” is simply a few words that provide the public with useful information about copyright ownership in the work to which the notice is attached. copyright law does not require you to include a copyright notice. copyright law, a valid copyright notice generally consists of three elements: Here’s a copyright notice for this column: “Copyright 2000 Doug Isenberg.” Despite the apparent simplicity of these required elements, each of them can contain traps for the unwary. Generally, the “year of first publication of the work” refers to the year in which the work (such as an instruction manual) was first distributed to the public.Although it looks simple, care should be taken when composing a copyright notice, because it can have legal consequences. But, there are advantages to including a copyright notice, so it’s important to know how to write one properly. So, a manual written and distributed companywide in 1998 should obviously contain 1998 in the copyright notice. But what about your question: What happens when the manual is revised?

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Automatic update of copyright year would be a real smart thing to do for any website since its such a trivial thing many developer may not remember to update it manually every year.Question: I recently updated some written materials in a manual I’m producing, and I’m not sure whether to update the copyright date, too.Currently, the copyright notice in the manual says “1998.” Should I change it to “2000” or just leave it alone? Copyright notices are one of the easiest things to understand in copyright law, but for some reason they’re often misunderstood.Navigate to the App you want to download and install, and click Download.The product detail page opens: Review the details, system requirements, and supported languages.

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