Updating calendar with birthdays

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See if your information is in i Cloud or a third-party account, like Google or Yahoo. See which account your contacts are in: If you store and edit your events in i Cloud instead of another account, like On My Mac, Exchange, or Google, then i Cloud automatically updates your calendars.

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I am subscribed to the my contacts birthday calendar but I cannot get their birthdays to show in the calendar. Thanks It may be an issue with the birthday format.

If you prefer to use the folder picker, change the Set My Folder line to Sub Add Birthdays Anniversaries() Dim my Folder As MAPIFolder ' To use the Contacts folder you are in Set my Folder = Application.

The display can be changed individually using placeholders.

There is also a VBA sample there to remove the events from the calendar as soon as the Contact creates it. Class = 40 Then ' If you want to see that it's working, uncomment this line ' my Folder. Display ' Copy the correct birthday and anniversary to a variable mybirthday = my Folder.

When you create a new contact and specify a birth date, Microsoft Outlook automatically creates a recurring annual event in the Calendar folder for contact's birthday, but it doesn't set a reminder unless you have Outlook set to add a reminder to all new appointments (and in that case, it uses the default reminder time, usually 15 minutes).

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