Updating an ipod

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In fact, about the only thing you don't get from the new model is a refund of the price drop. I have an i Pod touch (not mine) connected to my PC (authorized and linked to the same account of the i Pod's owner). Right clicking on the i Pod and selecting "Backup" runs too fast, I don't think it copied the whole 3Gb over.Plug your Nano into i Tunes and click the "Check for Update" button.Click yes to everything you're asked, enter your password and wait.Apple have covered their backs on this issue, however.Quoting from the i Pod Software License Agreement (PDF, of course): “With respect to updates to the i Pod Software and system restore software that Apple may make available for download (‘i Pod Software Updates’), you acknowledge that some i Pod Software Updates, or portions thereof, may be specific to particular models or generations of the i Pod and may not be available for all i Pod models.” Apple published a list of devices that were i OS 10 compatible that initially included the 5th generation i Pod touch, the i Phone 4s, and other devices based on the Apple A5 processor. Apple’s dropped every product model with the A5 and A5X processor chip.That right there is the crux of this whole issue: consumers have no say nor any way to tell how long their costly purchases will last.

About a month ago, I jotted down an idea for an article simply saying: “i Pod touch, all-time favourite Apple product”.

The thing is configured for manual sync, current music and apps are on a different PC. As commenters above suggest i Tunes will only backup configuration files and whatnot.

All content is supposed to be available in the i Tunes library with which the i Pod syncs, so i Tunes will happily erase it, leaving to you the "burden" to restore stuff after the update.

I always believed Apple were better at planning than other companies, but in this instance it really feels like they didn’t plan ahead and really wanted to depart from their technological heritage a bit faster than consumers would expect them to.

I’d never bought this i Pod touch had I known it would only would receive updates for another three years.

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