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He also is shown to be armed with a specially designed French horn, and is Mermaid Man's archenemy because he turned all his socks pink.


What comes out at Spanky’s Pub isn’t going into the same set as Madison Square Garden. Despite the fact that comedians have their scripts memorized, they NEVER sound rehearsed. What’s more, they know their routine SO WELL, that nothing throws them off.

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Her ser dere min opprinnelige post på forumet til The Gnomish Rescue Squad på serveren Argent Dawn. I mean they messed up world, that makes no sense anymore because it is fragmented and out of time.

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Kişi ve kişiler hiç üyelik gerektirmeden direk olarak sisteme bağlantı kurarak an itibariyle eğlenceli muhabbet sitesinde çet keyfini yaşamaktadır.

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