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What will be apparent throughout this exercise is how the AJAX Control Toolkit makes getting started and writing your own extender controls much quicker than doing it without using the Toolkit as shown in the previous example. In the Solution Explorer window, right-click the solution and select Add ➪ New Project. NET AJAX Control Project, change the name to Toolkit Single Click Extender, specify a location to store the project, and click OK. Try It Out Creating an Extender Using the AJAX Control Toolkit You need to create a new project within the same solution you used in the previous example, so name this extender control the Toolkit Single Click Extender to differentiate it from the previous extender control you created. You then assign this to the private variable for later use. The On Load implementation shown in the code first obtains a reference to the control for which you want to obtain the postback event. The result of this method call is a string containing the necessary Java Script to execute to perform the required postback operation. The property definitions should now look similar to the following: get_Submit Script : function() , set_Submit Script : function(value) 5. Replace all instances of the text _my Property Value with _submit Script Value.

This indicates that this property should be associated to the same property in the associated Java Script behavior class. You now also add the code that obtains the postback code required to trigger the button’s submit postback event. In the previous example, it was named _on Submit Script. The same extender as defined in the previous example is now defined using the AJAX Control Toolkit framework. This process is no different than if you were creating a standard non-Microsoft AJAX Toolkit behavior. Finally, you provide the same implementation for the click handler as you did in the previous example: _on Click Delegate : function() , The only difference in the preceding code is the name of the private variable, _submit Script. As it stands, this project can be compiled and used on a web page; it just won’t actually do anything because you haven’t provided any custom functionality for your extender yet. Toolkit Single Click Extender Behavior.js”, “text/javascript”)] Some new attributes are also placed on the class definition, which you examine later. 12830ffirs.qxd: Wrox Pro 6/4/07 PM Page ii 12830ffirs.qxd: Wrox Pro 6/4/07 PM Page i Beginning ASP. How It Works Immediately after following step 1 in the example, you are provided with a usable but nonfunctional Java Script behavior class, an extender designer code file, and the main server-side component of the extender control.

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