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Israeli sport comes to life in the tale of an inspirational underdog soccer team.A mixed bag of Israeli immigrants, Russians, and one Ethiopian must pull together to win a ,000 prize. Cast: Yoram Hatav, Evgenia Dudina, Amos Lavi, Basaam Zuamot, Vladimir Friedman.The story is set in 1980s Britain, during a climate of rising racial tensions. Once there, the two are pulled apart as one is seduced by the streets and its life of drugs and crime, while the other desperately seeks to rescue his brother without falling to its temptations. They spend a pleasant night talking but the morning brings a terrible surprise: the arrival of a group of neonazis. (Part of the three-film anthology, Tickets) DVD 9989 Directed by Felix Gerchikov.Based on the theatrical work by Ignacio del Moral,"La Mirada del Hombre Sscuro." PAL format. Cast: Daniel Bruck, Igal Reznik, Arthur Marchenko, Vitaly Friedland.Vi bruker informasjonskapsler for å gjøre innholdet mer personlig, skreddersy og måle annonser og tilby en tryggere opplevelse.

(more) Video NEWSBREAKERS is pleased to announce a special 37-part series on the group's return to the Rochester, NY television market.

We couldn't keep America's favorite NEWSBREAKER contained.

Once The Other Paper in Columbus, OH mentioned the daring daylight flower raid on Sinclair Broadcasting's WSYX and WTTE, we just had to produce this video.

Homeless in winter, separated from his children, his poems scattered over a Paris street, Mory returns to Senegal, penniless and with uncertain prospects. The "Aprilchildren" are the descendants of a generation torn between two worlds: they have lost their former native country, its traditions and its values, but are still alienated in their new country. But a hot-headed 17 year-old local youth also working at the site discovers the secret. A comedy about a group of Indian women, living in England, who are brought together by a day at the beach. In this remake of Fingers, Tom, a ne'er-do-well, works with two scheming real estate men who have little or no morals.

In the course of their day together , their ordinary lives become an extraordinary celebration. He decides to return to the piano and become a concert pianist, like his mother.

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