Transsexual friends dating site

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And for transgender women, the site is 100% free, and will always be!

We didn't want to be yet another dating site for transsexuals, the type that will cater to sex encounters and hook ups, libertinage, and contribute to spread the wrong stereotypes about transgender women.

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Please come if you ...""Our support meetings emphasize respect for peoples' experience in ALL types of gender variant identities, including gay, lesbian, bisexual, genderqueer, trans women, trans men, trans masculine/feminine, bi-gender, genderfluid, and of course anyone questioning/deciphering their gender identity.

We have them plus crossdresser pics and transsexual pics, too!

Your profile will not appear in search engines and your data will not be sold or offered to any 3rd party companies or organizations for solicitation.

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Take your time and find only those who you truly feel a connection with.

She's Loiy from The Philippines and I never thought about starting a long-distance relationship.

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