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And so, with a new winter just about ready to make its appearance, we offer a dozen films scheduled for frigid-season premieres that sound promising (or look promising - Ive taken in a few of them at advance press screenings).

Its violent and its sad and he called it Nocturnal Animals.

Once again, lets mark Turkey Day by revisiting what may be the biggest movie turkeys of 2016.

I realize the year still has five-plus weeks to go, and also realize I havent seen every movie released during 2016s first 11 months. In any case, weve all heard (probably from some high school English teacher justifying including The Scarlet Letter or Silas Marner on a syllabus) that excellent literature need not be synonymous with entertainment.

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Watching movies is a time-honored method of coping with the winter doldrums.

But if he was talking about the dark comedy that was previewed - T2: Trainspotting - I have to agree with him. It both summarizes the attitude of its central character, a Danish soldier who tells German prisoners of war This is my country (and) youre not welcome here, and suggests a plot centering on landmines in the Danish countryside.

Good things come in groups of three, our English composition teacher told us 40-odd years back, when we were college freshmen.

Amy Adams, as the literally somnambulistic, admittedly unhappy art gallery owner Susan Morrow, speaks those words regarding a book her ex-husband has written.

Moana is the story of a superhuman quest, involving an amulet, a goddess, turbulent waters and the salvation of an island, undertaken by a human adolescent - Moana (voice of Aulii Cravalho) - ill-prepared to cope with all of the above.

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