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Eschenbrenner Measuring Soil Water Retention Curves with an Automated Multistep Outflow System, Esther Contreras Mechanical Properties and Microstructural Evolution of ODS Alloys Utilizing Solid State Welds, James Carrillo and Evan Young Mechanical Strength Enhancement of Lead Zirconate Titanate Ceramics Through Silicon Carbide Nanopowder Thermal Treatments, Jackie Forhan, Daniel Osterberg, and Bryan Murphy Microstructural Effects During Chemical Mechanical Planarization of Copper, Patrick J. Humphreys; Susan Mason; Kevin Nehila; Roy Rodenhiser; and Todd Shallat Single Crystals: A Raman Scattering Study, A. Moll, and Megan Frary Microstructural Evolution During Sintering of Lanthanum Calcium Ferrite Perovskite Ceramics, Ellen Rabenberg, Patrick Price, and David Thomsen Mobile Home Living in Boise: Its Uncertain Future and Alarming Decline, College of Social Sciences and Public Affairs, Boise State University; Jim Birdsall; Susan Emerson; Molly K. Sarah Toevs, Public Policy Center, Boise State University Link Health Care in Canada's Single-Payer System with Dr. Brian Wampler, Public Policy Center, Boise State University Woodpeckers, David L. Gregory Raymond, Public Policy Center, Boise State University Form Removal from Election Ballots Using Image Processing, Shatakshi Goyal and Robbie Scott Galois Theory for Differential Equations, Soheila Eghbali Garrity Boulevard Interchange Redesign, Crystal Grasmick, Heath Perrine, Wil Bake, and Pat Conro Garrity Interchange Design, Adam Bass, Tyler Noble, Kyle Rosenmyer, Collin Turbert, and Cory Dykema Gender Differences in the Relationship Between Self-Worth and Romantic Relationship Attachment Styles, Megan Luy and Tonne Mc Coy Geoarchaeology of Holocene Terrace Deposits Near Glenns Ferry, Idaho, Christiane Campbell Gossip Survival Not Specific to Gender, Cristina Bistricean Grade Point Average and Divorce, Carly Gintz Grain Growth of Nickel-Manganese-Gallium, Nikki Kucza and Ernest Maiteri Gravitational Effects on Water in Regolith, Pamila Ward and Ron Pierce Gravitational Effects on Water in Regoliths, Andrew Vissotski, Mike Quinn, Jake Forsberg, Travis Dean, Pamila Ward, Ron Pierce, and David Connolly Hardware Implementation of Real-Time Operating System’s Thread Context Switch, Deepak Kumar Gauba File Head Start, Hailey Wall Link Health Care for Elder Adults with Dr. Petlichkoff Impacts of Regional Cold Front and Localized Weather Phenomena on Autumn Migration of Raptors and Landbirds in Southwest Idaho, Robert Miller Improved Confidence in (U-Th)/He Thermochronology Using the Laser Microprobe: An Example from a Pleistocene Leucogranite, Nanga Parbat, Pakistan, J. : Responding to Bad Behaviors in Public Meetings, Suzanne Mc Corkle Past and Future Climate Change: Heat Stress Impacts on Southern Idaho Dairy Milk Production, Matthew Wiggs PATRIC: The VBI Patho Systems Resource Integration Center, Gong Xin Yu Pentapeptide and Beta-lactam Activity Against Recombinant PBP2a from Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus., Clayton Fehringer and Eric Ponce Pentapeptide Synthesis, Cleavage, and Purification, Scotia Gonzales Perceptions of Discrimination: An Analysis of Four National Surveys of Latinos; Findings from the Pew Hispanic Center/Kaiser Family Foundation National Survey of Latinos, Jenny Gallegos Pornography Viewing Frequency: Associations with Sexual Preferences and Relationship Satisfaction Among College Men and Women, Danielle Sloderbeck Portable Solar Collector/Concentrator Design Project, Rey De Leon, Alex Calvert, and Mike Rippee Power System Protection Project - POWER Engineers, Drew Murdock, Jason Jaszkowiak, and Tyler Smith Prairie Sun (2) Subdivision, Derrick Eisenbeis, Ernest Maiteri, Michael Banks, Josh Laramie, and Michael Steele Prairie Sun Subdivision I, Mike Kumm, Chad Weaver, Andy Prince, Eleni-maria Kafourou, and Jordan Harvey Preparation and Characterization of Water-Soluble Semiconductor Quantum Dots (QDs) for Bioconjugation, Jennilee Claassen, Tabitha Ellis, and Nicholas Richie Preparation and Optical Characterization of Plasmonic and Dielectric Nanoparticle Films, Mike Davis File Prevention Programs/At Risk Youth, Ryan Jordan, Jon Lang, Nicole Ficquette, Gail Villarreal, and Meredith Grace Probing Nanoscale Ferroelectricity by Ultraviolet Raman Spectroscopy, Dmitri Tenne, A. Bazett-Jones, and Eric Dugan The Healthy Food Slide Rule (HFSR): A Nutrition Education Tool for Children, Elaine M. Abo The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls: The Frequency of Alternate Aggressions, Katie Wilson The History and Development of the Sino-Russian Pipeline, Michelle Moqin Yu The Importance of a Clearly Defined Policy Goal for AAU Trading, Elizabeth Aldrich The Importance of Body Satisfaction, Lindsey Ward The Influence of Movies on College Students Drinking and Smoking Habits, Efren Velazquez The Influence of Social Status on Token Women Leaders’ Expectations about Leading Male-Dominated Groups, Theodore W. Munger, and Aimee Wyrick Novel Materials for Transient Liquid Phase Ceramics and Metal Joining, Kyle Knori, Bryan Murphy, Mike Hurley, Brian Jaques, and John Youngsman Numerical Solution of the Wave Equation on Dual-GPU Platforms Using Brook , Matthew Caylor Obtaining Parsimonious Hydraulic Conductivity Fields Using Head and Transport Observations: A Bayesian Geostatistical Parameter Estimation Approach, Michael Fienen, R. Krabbenhoft, and Tom Clemo On the Thermal Activation of Negative Bias Temperature Instability, Richard G. Knowlton, Ben Kaczer, and Tibor Grasser File Opening The Door, Robert Gubbels, Tate Mackay, Chance Bohr, and Jake Broyles Link Open vs. Jim Weatherby, Public Policy Center, Boise State University Oppression, an Artist’s Experience, Asaad Zangana Optical Spectroscopy of Transition Metal Doped Zn O Nanoparticles., Trevor Engman, Josh Angel, Aaron Thurber, Lydia Johnson, and Alex Punnoose Optical Transmission Properties of Plasmonic Crystals, Lloyd Lowe Overscore Development, Maygen Cardona, Jason Denizac, Stephen Heleker, Ashley Rasmussen, and Zach Snoderly Parasite Prevalence Study at the Idaho Humane Society, Emilee Kottcamp, Hope Esplain, Lauren Troy, and Calista Deland Parental Closeness, Parental Knowledge, and Their Effects on Risky Behaviors, Julia Miller Passion, Protest, or Just Plain Incivility? Bahruth and Haggith Gor Ziv The Development of an Ion Mobility Sensor, Nic Uhnak The Different Motivating Factors of Self Esteem, Disorder Eating, and Exercise Motivations Between Men and Women, Alli Nielsen and Chanel Parker The Effects of Inducible OSM on Metastasis in Breast Cancer, Dollie Thompson, Hunter Covert, Joe Deaver, and Jeff Walker The Effects of Whole Body Vibration on Bone Mineral Density for a Person with a Spinal Cord Injury: A Case Study, Ronald Davis, Charlotte Sanborn, David Nichols, David M. Meagher, and Kristin Pape , and Other Insect Associated Endosymbionts in the Dry Creek Drainage, Boise, Idaho, Prasanna Kandel, Daleesa Cole, Emma Wilson, Donavon Carrie, Eric Tretter, Yan Wang, and Lance Steele File Fit and Fall Proof Program, Anne Lawler, Mallory Radford, Monica Stoddard, Hannah Woodell, Jennifer Wight, Julie Carr, Suzy Sakadales, Lisa Price, Christina Bobek, Jenny Gould, Omar Jimenez, and Cory Louie Link Focusing on Brazil as an Emerging World Power Featuring Dr. Heath Forecasting the Male/Female Split in Undergraduate Enrollment at Boise State University, Sara Kriss, Nate Larsen, Dominick Longbucco, Logan Meyer, James Mwanthi, Kazuma Osugi, and Nancy Wong Forecasting Undergraduate Enrollment at Boise State University: 2015, Kai Applequist, Kody Frederick, Justin French, Randy Goodrich, Trevor Stebbins, Tim Wilcox, and Adam Wolfe Link Foreign Policy Challenges Facing the New Obama Administration with Dr. Brosten Identifying Controls on Surface Carbon Dioxide Efflux in a Semi-Arid Ecosystem, Katrina Elsie Ladd Identifying Student Perceptions: The Effect of Parent-Child Relationships on Attitudes Towards Academic Abilities, Heather Gifford Impact of Pedometer Use and Self-Regulation Strategies on Junior High School Physical Education Students' Daily Step Counts, Jane Shimon and Linda M. Searle Ineffective Assistance of Counsel and the U. Supreme Court: History and Development of a Constitutional Standard, Virginia Hatch Influence of Disney Films on Family and Romantic Relationships, Kara Biddle Influence of Morphology and Permafrost Dynamics on Hyporheic Exchange in Arctic Headwater Streams under Warming Climate Conditions, Jay P.

, Cecilia Jones, Danny Ryan, and Jared Shulsen Caspase Activation in Neurodegenerative Diseases Classified as Tauopathies and Alpha-Synucleinopathies: Caspase-Cleaved TAR DNA-Binding Protein-43 in Pick's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, and Dementia with Lewy Bodies, Polina Kokoulina Caspase Cleavage of the Amyloid Precursor Protein is Prevented After Overexpression of Bcl-2 in a Triple Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease, Debra K. Parette, Jack Hourcade, Nichole Boeckmann, and Craig Blum File Empowering Adolescents to Take Control of their Health, Summer Nave; Meghan Cunningham; Christine Duncan; Kami Bellomy; Kathryn Cooperstein; Nichole Murphy, RN; Johnny Glogowski; Rachel Kendall; Amanda King; Jessi Christensen-Bybee; and Kayla Salcido (Year 3 & 4): Can a Book Club Help Women Overcome Barriers to Physical Activity and Improve Self-Worth? Huberty, Jamie Vener, Lynda Ransdell, Laura Schulte, Melissa A. Dykstra Radiometric Dating of the Danskin Hills Rhyolites in Order to Constrain Geologic Activity Throughout the Western Snake River Plain, Austin Hopkins File Raising Awareness of Refugees, Crystal Rosendahl and Chris Zukowski Rare Earth and High Field Strength Element Partitioning Between Iron-Rich Clinopyroxenes and Felsic Liquids, Paul H. Wolff Reaction Kinetics of a DNA-Based Amplifier for Use in Detection of Cancer-Related mi RNAs, Amber Cox and Jessie Minick Reducing Heavy Drinking Among First Year Intercollegiate Athletes: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Web-Based Normative Feedback, Diana M. Coll File Refugees to Work: Counselor Education Pilot Project, Amanda De Young and Michelle Sundquist Religion and Topoi in the News: An Analysis of the “Unsecular Media” Hypothesis, Rick Clifton Moore Rendre visible l’invisible : Le montage par discontinuité et d’autres techniques de la Nouvelle Vague dans Pierrot le fou de Jean-Luc Godard, Rebecca Foster Representing Propositional Connectives with Modular Polynomials, Shawn Davis Reproducibility of Soil Moisture Ensembles When Representing Soil Parameter Uncertainty Using a Latin Hypercube-Based Approach with Correlation Control, Alejandro N. Bras Review of Randomized Control Trials Assessing the Efficacy of Noninvasive Ventilation (NIV) in Acute Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure (AHRF) in Non-COPD and Non-Trauma Cases, Marja Al Yami Revisionismo y justicia ambiental en So Far From God de Ana Castillo, Rebecca Foster Revitalize Secondary Students’ Interest in STEM via Lego Robot Development Activities, Christie Donovan, Lora Volkert, Andrew Landoch, Stephen Stauts, and Nick Meyer (R)Evolution in the Information Industry: What the Information Industry Can Learn from the Music Industry, Amy M. Jianhui Zhang Teaching the Resistance Training Class: A Circuit Training Course Design for the Strength and Conditioning Coach, Shawn R. Mc Donald The Relationship Between Drive for Muscularity, Exercise Motivation, and Disordered Eating, Chanel Parker and Alli Nielsen The Relationships Between Muscle, External, Internal and Joint Mechanical Work During Normal Walking, Kotaro Sasaki, Richard R. Kautz Thermal Environment Control of a Memory Module Tester, Tyson Mc Fall, Tom Wood, and Sean Drake The Role of Gender and Relationship Satisfaction in Partner and Self Ratings: Attractiveness, Intelligence, and Communication Abilities, Jacqueline Corral, Jessie Frazier, and Elise Mc Carthy The Role of Grain Boundary Character on Dynamic Recrystallization, Ben Albiston, Chris Stifter, Caleb Corolewski, and Tram Bui The Use of Genetics for the Management of a Recovering Population: Temporal Assessment of Migratory Peregrine Falcons in North America, Jeff A. Griffin, and Keith Thiede Quantitative Colorimetric Detection of DNA Using Oligonucleotide-Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles, Nathan Robinson; Elton Graugnard; William L. Knowlton; and Bernard Yurke, Radial Dielectrophoretic Trap for Individual Nanostructures, Stephanie Barnes, Christopher Buu, Jason Brotherton, Hieu Bui, Austin Johnson, Mallory Yates, Wan Kuang, Jeunghoon Lee, William L. Knowlton, and Bernard Yurke Radical Constructivism Has an Answer - But This Answer Is Not an Easy One, Dewey I. Jacob Baker Synthesis of Zn O Nanoparticles with Tunable Surface Charge, Michael Jones, Aaron Thurber, and Dr. E in the Classroom, Stuart Peterson The Relation Between Parental Status and Alcohol Use Patterns and Attitudes About Underage Drinking, Mary Pritchard and Theodore W. William Hughes Sexting: Self-Expression or Sexual Attention, Lori Henderson Sexual Behavior Among Students: An Examination of Participation in Bondage, Domination, Submission, Masochism (BDSM) Behaviors, Ian Mosley Sexual Satisfaction in Relationships: A Comparative Study, Micah Crawford File Shakespeare & Service Learning, Tiara Thompson, Sandra Loera, and Phil Bode Strategic Change and Alignment: Scholar Works at Boise State University, Marilyn K. Paul Davis, Becky Muñoz, Tram Bui, Chad Watson, and Dr.

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