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They thought they’d never hear from her again— but she had other plans.

EGGY JO TALLAS WAS, BY ALL ACCOUNTS, the classic good-hearted Texas woman.

She’d wrap a robe around her mother’s shoulders, lead her to the kitchen, fix her cereal, and lay out her pills.

For a few minutes, the two of them would sit at the table, making small talk.

From her closet, she grabbed a men’s brown leather jacket that she kept on a hanger.

She then reached for a Styrofoam mannequin’s head that was on a shelf in the closet.

Beginning with that May 1991 trip to American Federal, she robbed lots of banks.

According to the FBI, she was one of the most unusual bank robbers of her generation, a modern-day Bonnie without a Clyde who always worked alone, never using a partner to operate as her lookout or drive her getaway car.

Every morning, after waking up and making her bed, always taking the time to smooth out all the wrinkles in the sheets with her hands, she’d walk into her mother’s bedroom.

The woman was dressed in black, wearing a black wide-brimmed hat and dark sunglasses that covered much of her face.

She was polite and did not use a gun when she confronted the teller.

Usually, she liked wearing khaki pants, a simple blouse, and loafers.

But on a lovely morning in May 1991, Peggy Jo, who was then 46 years old, decided to wear something different.

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