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Parliamentary constituency: New Forest West Hampshire county council division: New Milton North, Milford and Hordle ONS Travel to Work Area: Southampton Postcode district: SO41 Wynford Davies (LD) Christine Hopkins (C) Sally Spicer (Lab) May 2015 result C 2282/2232 Lab 582 July 2012 by-election C 963 Lab 2 result C 1802/1678 Lab 4 result C 1512/1435 LD 4 result C 1371/1274 LD 435/354 Taunton Deane council, Somerset; caused by the resignation of independent councillor Steve Ross, who had served since 2011, due to work commitments. With an altitude of 413 feet, Wiveliscombe (stressed on the third syllable) claims to be Somerset's highest town, although "town" is a bit of a stretch for a settlement of fewer than 3,000 souls.

Wiveliscombe traditionally sends independent candidates to Taunton Deane council.There's a wider choice in this by-election, although local resident and Conservative candidate Christine Hopkins would have to be a short-priced favourite.She is opposed by Sally Spicer for Labour and Lib Dem candidate Wynford Davies.A rather tautological name there, as "Deane" is an Old English word with the same meaning as the Latinate "Vale".So has "combe" for that matter; "combe" is a Celtic word for a valley.

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