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Consequently, most foster homes do have strong parental guidance, control over sex education, and negative mass media because there are so many restrictions as to what foster homes can and cannot perform by law.With this information, one would conclude that when someone is put into a foster home they turn out not to be pregnant at a one age.It can create an emotional crisis resulting in feelings of shame and fear, and it may appear that you will crumble under pressures in your environment.The stress of how one would break the news to their parents might be even greater, and finding help may seem an impossible task.This is a useful source because it shows how teenage pregnancy is a more of a social issue than physical or emotional issue.

They have found that the increase in teenage pregnancy has arisen out of social issues as well.For this reason, some totally miss the issues that one must have been exposed to in their society, the society of their home, community, school.There are many viewpoints as to why teenage females are having so many children out of wedlock.The reports shows that foster youth that have lost their parents and end up in a foster home are less prone to having teenage pregnancies.Therefore, the correlation breaks because even though youth do not have their biological parents they still have some type of parental guidance.

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