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It was Megan and I and a half-dozen other people from the office. Say hi to Kelly." Kelly looked up from her work and nodded and went right back to her painting. I was just going through her portfolio; look at some of the stuff she's done." I started thumbing through the pages impressed by the volume and types of work.

We were drinking green beer, buying shots of Jameson and making royal fools of ourselves. Megan was busy chatting up this cute little art student and her assistant who was meandering through the pub face painting little green leprechauns and pots of gold all over the drunken patrons. She had done motorcycles, cars, railroad graffiti, sci-fi make-up, even airbrushed a couple Play Boy models, although she had snipped out their faces from the before and after so we couldn't see who it was."So ask her again." Joe grabbed his drink and motioned to me like it was my turn to speak."Ask her what? "I'm sorry did I interrupt your game of Who's on First? Seemed like a logic question."She would be in her panties and bra." Kelly corrected me as she returned to finish the right side of Megan's face."Panties only." Megan retorted.

I told him about her bondage surprise attack on her birthday idea and he thought it was fantastic. We let her escape and she gets her little fantasy." It sounded like an easy plan in theory, but I was certain if we pulled it off we were all going to jail.

That's when Mark piped up about the acreage he just bought outside of town. It was St Patrick's night and we were downtown partying like the Irish do. " I pointed to scantily clad co-ed that was painting half of Megan's face with an airbrush, and glitter and various colors to complement the green.""Thank's Luv.

"But you are only young once and it's not like it's taking up my entire back.

Besides, I am young, hot, gorgeous, and skinny like Barbie.

CHAPTER 1 - Saint Patty's Mishap It was the morning after our first Valentine's Day together.

"Then maybe centered between the tops." I wasn't sure if she was joking or not and she looked at me as I was trying to act surprised. I never met them, but wanted to make sure she had the guidance needed to avoid regretful decision that we sometimes make early in life.At least she was predictable."Three Hundred." Once Megan set her teeth in something she wasn't happy till she won."Megan honey please.You're drunk let it go." I tried to talk some sense into her, but I was no match for her Inner Trucker."I am not even sure we have enough materials." You could tell Kelly was flattered but a bit unsure they could even legally do it."Four Hundred." Megan kept raising the ante.Apparently her inner truck driver showed up as I returned with the latest round.She was probably four drinks from her inner pirate making its appearance.

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