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She has also been a matchmaker since 2003, and set up thousands of professional clients on dates that led to marriage.

Today e Harmony, fondly known as ‘the brains behind the butterflies’, proudly serves over 67.3 million members globally, with more than 4.5m UK members.Just five years ago, it was virtually unthinkable that you’d be able to use your mobile phone to get a date but today, swiping culture is ubiquitous and you can meet potential partners in an instant, without even leaving the house.Imagine how much the digital dating landscape will change in the next ten or twenty tears as smart tech continues to evolve and become integral to everyday life.From counting your steps on your smart watch to turning the heating on before you get home through the app on your phone, smart tech is already beginning to transform the way we live our lives.But, as technology starts to take an even greater hold over us all, just how will it change our dating lives?

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