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The majority of our customers are international buyers who live beyond the USA and want to shop on thousands of US online websites and auctions.In addition, our customers also include US residents who travel overseas and do not want to refuse from receiving mail and buying US produced commodities.Our company specializes in domestic and international forwarding of mail and packages.Our customers include US residents who need international shipping, individual buyers and business requiring a US-based shipping address.The new, easy-to-use interface on the Epicor Manifest application uses a single screen to communicate with multiple carriers, calculate freight amounts, prepare documents, and print carrier labels.

Communicate with carriers, calculate freight amounts, and print carrier labels—all within your Epicor solution.You can receive virtually any package (or mail if you have an active subscription plan) sent through United States Postal Service (USPS), UPS, Fed Ex, DHL, and other carriers.We do not accept any COD (cash on delivery) deliveries on your behalf.There is no specific physical size limitation or a limit to the number of packages and mail you can receive in your inbox as long as the volume of stored packages stays within reason.There is only a maximum size limit a package can have of 140 in (355 cm) in length girth: (length 2 * (width height)) must be less than 140 in (355 cm) in order for us to be able to forward your package through one of the shipping companies.

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