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Gallardo attempted to keep a lid on his on-the-job sideline. Two inmates enrolled in vocational classes said Gallardo threatened to harm anyone who broke their code of silence."In the classroom or the trade skills training room, he's the authority figure," said Jason Hart, a former Shawnee County prosecutor."He's in an environment where he can directly interact with the inmates.TCF inmates and corrections officers say as many as one-third of the Topeka facility's 250 employees have at one time been involved in contraband activities with prisoners, but top administrators of the Kansas Department of Corrections say that percentage is inflated.DOC officials say a more realistic estimate is 2 percent of the 3,000 employees at the state's eight prisons.She took them, but it failed to terminate the pregnancy.

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At least eight instances of sexual misconduct at state prisons, including two at TCF, have been forwarded to prosecutors in the past three years, the corrections department says.He said corrections officers at the facility were being "held hostage" by inmates who know all allegations, even false claims, initiate internal investigations.He said the DOC reviewed charges in ways that intentionally turned officers against each other and weakened staff cohesion."They'll dig and dig and dig.District Attorney Chad Taylor declined in June to prosecute the officer because evidence didn't rise to the level required to file charges, a spokesman for Taylor said."He was allowed to resign," Koerner said.Officially, the line between prison guard and prison inmate is wide.

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