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He tried to secure the drug from an associate in Mexico and from a TCF inmate who said she trafficked regularly in pharmaceuticals procured from Bernard Megaffin, a registered sexual offender who had been stripped of his Kansas medical license years ago. If caught outside the wire, she said, a lengthy sentence for escape was a certainty.

In desperation, Gallardo had an inmate stomp on Keith's stomach in an effort to induce a spontaneous miscarriage. Gallardo repeatedly implored Keith to let him sneak her out of the Topeka prison so they could make a run to an abortion clinic in Wichita or Kansas City. TCF Warden Richard Koerner scoffed at the idea Gallardo could have eluded detection while secretly transporting Keith by car 65 miles to the nearest abortion clinic.

The system of exchange involving contraband for personal favors demonstrates lack of respect for prisoners by corrections employees, said Kenneth Maggard, a former heating and air conditioning supervisor at TCF."Deep down inside," he said, "they view inmates as garbage. Cash makes life more tolerable in the bonds of the corrections department.

That's why they're not trying to clean this up."Roger Werholtz, the state secretary of corrections, said such sweeping characterizations were reckless. Documents and interviews detail how an intermediary explained to Keith that Gallardo was prepared to deposit money in her prison bank account if she had sex with him.

He reacted by plotting to destroy evidence of his conduct.

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Evidence contained in court records and accounts offered by people incarcerated at the prison or working in the facility indicates Gallardo had sex with three to six other female prisoners.

There was little chance of getting caught, she reasoned, since Gallardo's job gave the instructor free run of the institution."It was going to be easy money," Keith said during an interview at the prison. 2, 2007, Gallardo slipped behind the wheel of one of the prison's work vehicles.

He drove Keith and inmate Sandra Mc Millan, another prison vocational student in a covert business relationship with Gallardo, a short distance to the prison's old two-story stone gym. Gallardo's crew of inmates went there regularly to pick up plumbing supplies. Mc Millan, who told investigators that she brokered the arrangement with Keith on behalf of Gallardo, stood guard. That wasn't the deal, she said."My exact words were, ' Ted, I don't think this is a good idea,'" Keith said.

The locale had the advantage of being outside the prison's perimeter fence. Keith began to fulfill her part of the transaction. "That's a no."The 6-foot-2, 300-pound instructional supervisor dismissed the protest.

He brought her to a standing position and pulled down her elastic-waist pants. On the drive back from the gym, Gallardo said he had to be mindful of a practical problem.

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