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The driver of the car, Leona Fatino, was shot in the leg.He then went to the home they formerly shared and committed suicide. I am very afraid he might hurt me and my family and friends.The reported perpetrator was arrested on December 25 in Chicago with her car.He has been convicted of murder in the 1st degree and sentenced to life in prison.Wanda had acquired a temporary protection order after the January 13 incident.Wanda was found dead in the street with a shoe mark on her face and tire tracks down the length of her body. Teresa Miller, 51, Shot to death in Knoxville by Terry Cobbins, 31, a man hired by her husband, Michael Miller, 42 to kill her.Three Iowans have been murdered in domestic violence crimes so far in 2017, according to an Iowa Attorney General's Office report.Since 1995, when the attorney general's office first began keeping the information, 291 people have been killed in domestic violence incidents.

Four people were in the home where Michael and Aleshia were staying with her sister.

Eric had been arrested November, 12, 2010 after he threw Wanda to the ground and stomped on her with his boots.

He was arrested again January 13, 2011 after he pushed her to the ground and pulled her hair.

Carrie secured a domestic abuse protection order in September because he had been stalking her since the break-up. He is very angry I left him, and I don't know what he is capable of doing." Two weeks before the murder, he proposed marriage to her as she returned to her home from work. Angela Gabel, 30, Shot to death in Allamakee County by Christopher Thompson, 33, the man whom she lived with and had a 7-1/2 month old child with. He reported that he had argued with Angela and asked her to leave.

She wrote to the Judge, "I am afraid for my safety. She went to her car and made a phone call to her daughter.

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