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And he arrived at Pole on 23 December per this Telegraph article, but what the article doesn't mention is that he did not travel the entire 400 miles on his own power.

Per his blog, on 14 December, after completing 150 miles in 13 days, he decided that his stomach issues would make it too difficult to complete the entire distance.

They arrived at Novo on 22 December..6600 lbs of equipment and gear.

But..of their sledges got loaded on the aircraft with them..they dealt with the fact that they wouldn't get all of the gasoline they'd ordered.

His website in Italian has little updated information on this trip, nor does (yet) the sponsor Moncler site.

Two other Arctic Trucks projects out of Novo--one is pioneering a new route from the ice shelf (ship offloading point) to Novo to the ice shelf for White Desert (the company/camp supporting Buzz Aldrin earlier this season)and thence to the Wolfs Fang blue ice runway White Desert is developing (more information on that project from White Desert's April 2016 Environmental Evaluation Report).The other team members are Mika Listala, Pekka Ojanpää, and Jón Ólafur Magnusson.Here's a 9 December 2016 American Snowmobiler article about the trip.But...after setting off, on 29 December they posted that their largest sled had cracked.So they opted to turn around, head north, and focus solely on climbing mountains. the Brit who was the last NGO traveler to reach Pole in 2015-16, has planned her own solo round trip venture for 2016-17--unsupported and unassisted skiing from Hercules Inlet to Pole, and a return after a resupply at that 1400 mile distance has yet to be completed by any solo female.

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    The couple's one-year-old son Rowan (born on 9 June 2016) was also present on their anniversary.

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