Sedating triple warmer

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When the energy of the heart is strong and pure (without guilt), and the desires and thoughts of an individual are at peace, then the energy of the boy's sexual essence (Jing) will spread into the Triple Burners, and the Blood will flourish within the individual's vessels.If the "fire of desire" is allowed to Heat and combine with the energy of the Triple Burners, the energy of the individual's sexual essence will overflow, mixing itself with the energy of the Mingmen and will leave the body via the reproductive organs and tissues. Beginning on the fourth (ring) finger, by the outside corner of the nail, the triple burner channel passes between the knuckles of the fourth and fifth fingers to the wrist.In the case of the Stomach Meridian, the energy flows from point ST1 below the eye to point ST45 at the tip of the second toe. When the energy in the meridians is flowing backwards the simplest activities could leave you feeling wiped you out.

When the energies are homolateral, depression, compromised immune system function, chronic illness and other problems may develop.When the Triple Burners, which regulate the consciousness, are full, the consciousness becomes stable and the Mind's intent is benevolent and kindhearted.The Triple Burners are also linked with the Heart and Pericardium and are affected by the emotion of joy.One branch rises internally to meet the gallbladder channel on the forehead, then descends to join the small intestine channel on the cheek.The superficial branch continues to the front of the ear and crosses to the outer corner of the eyebrow, where it joins the gallbladder channel again.

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