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You're going to learn some secrets of men and women that NO ONE in the pickup community - or anywhere else - is telling you. To get the best head start on my new program, you should make sure you are working on your influence and conversation skills.

It's when they really close the proximity to you and you almost HAVE to acknowledge them (if she is attractive) or risk being seen as a wussy by her and yourself. It'd be good to understand this though to add to my arsenal of wisdom you've given me to use as recon in the field. If a woman purposefully enters your sphere of influence, you - as an Alpha Man - now have permission to expand her happiness to new levels by talking to her.

Most guys don't approach women because they haven't got the SKILLS to approach women .

Once you have them, you'll feel less anxious and you'll actually DO IT.

I try to build rapport some women (I didn't do it with these 2 mentioned above) by asking your power questions like: Still, they look at me weird when I ask these questions, and they never seem to answer them.

So, if this flaking is about rapport, can you give me some specific ways to build it? Well, I'm not going into the whole "flaking" question again, since I've covered that to death in many previous letters.

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