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And was a bit disappointed when compared to his brother (Fujiki Naohito) in Slow Dance, he wasn't considered good-looking. ________________________ I need to start downloading Wedding Planner.

Masayoshi Hazama is a young male model and aspiring actor whose love for tokusatsu TV shows (think Ultraman or Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) is so extreme that he's taken to putting on a costume and taking to the streets of Tokyo as the masked vigilante Samurai Flamenco.

Source: auras are pretty similar, and I think they look good together.

I also get the feeling though that they're the type of couple who'd immediately fight with one another and make up, repeat that, and will eventually break up.

The contrast between the polite, awkward Samurai Flamenco and the brash, brutally violent Flamenco Girl forms the basis for this episode, "The Meaning of Justice".

* "Shuukan Josei" reported that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (20) and SEKAI NO OWARI's vocalist Satoshi Fukase (28) went on a 'date' as they watched fireworks together on June 1 in Kanagawa Prefecture's Zushi city.

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