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In due time the territory of Rostov was populated with Greeks, Germans, Armenians, Tatars, Jews, and even Caucasian hill people.

A market town has always attracted to itself merchants from all parts of the world which, naturally, was reflected in appearance and character of its inhabitants.

Historians and sociologists note that education for Rostov girls is one of the most important personal priorities, and a businesslike character together with knowledge helps women in making a successful career in Russia as well as abroad.

Probably, that was a blood mix of various folks which made citizens of Don so attractive.

However, in the society there has long ago been an opinion that half-blooded people are the most beautiful people.

Is it possible to tell a woman from Rostov in a crowd? They are girls who are always sure in themselves and are inaccessible.

They have a light suntan, bright hair, a brave dress and high heels, as a rule. Yes, not many Rostov women are ready to refuse heels in favor of more comfortable but less stylish shoes.

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