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Elvis Presley may have had a predilection for a certain group of people that would have made him an outcast in today's society -- and gotten him sent to prison.

Famous rock star's dark secret revealed The California sheriff's office said it was investigating whether a body found is one of two missing girls, but as of Sunday morning an ID had not yet been made.

Start by gathering woods and stones for the camp fire.

Next use your skills to light the fire and roast the marshmallows until ...

Rarity is known for her bottomless bag of unique outfits that she always has handy, just in case she needs to perform a last minute outfit change.The pressure to look like a rockstar is making Fluttersh...Applejack is getting ready to take center stage for her band's concert tonight, and she can't wait to show off her incredible musical talents.You've been asked to help out on the family ranch, and you can't wait to spend the day grooming your favorite pet pony.After yesterday's rodeo, your lovely pony is covered in filth and could real...

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