Radiometric dating activities

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His research lab was converted into a National Facility through a DST funding of about Rs 2.5 Crore. He attended large number of conferences and chaired the sessions and also gave invited talks.

He has published about 90 papers with majority of them in international journals.

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Nagpaul “Paleo-uplift and cooling rates from various orogenic belts of India as revealed by radiometric ages.” Tectonophysics, V.70, P.135-138.8.

Nagpaul “Etching characteristics of natural quartz detector.” Nucl.

Nagpaul “Fission track annealing characteristics of Garnet.” Lithos, V.10, P.129-132.6.

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Nagpaul “Nuclear Statistics with poorman’s detector: a laboratory experiment.” EU.

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Nagpaul “Determination of trace content of uranium in normal human blood by particle etch technique.” Health Phys., V.38, P.409-410.11.

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