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Propane storage, handling, contractors, equipment and appliances fall under the jurisdiction of provincial authorities.We suggest that you contact the regulatory authority in your province to obtain the specific requirements for your situation.Marks are stamped onto the collar of cylinders identifying the original date of manufacture and any subsequent re-testing dates.For a diagram that explains how to read the collar please click here.

Then get caught up in an exchange and loose what was left in your out dated tank. Quite frankly it is easier to just exchange the BBQ size tank and be done with it.A propane appliance or components of a propane system must be installed and serviced by a certified technician who will also arrange to obtain the appropriate provincial permits to do the work.The CPA does not sell or distribute propane or any related equipment, and we cannot recommend one product or service provider over another.But be aware these "exchange" types of tanks are never filled to capacity. The last 2 digits represent the year of manufacture. Rather than taking it somewhere and paying to have the tank re-certified, then having it refilled.You have to think the exchange will be more like getting 3/4 of the capacity. At least if you are refilling at a location such as a gas station.

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