Problems updating itunes on windows xp

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Be sure to install these updates before installing Windows 7, to ensure full compatibility with the Apple hardware.

In our announcement yesterday we outlined the available updates, but here they are again: Proceed with Windows 7 install after all Mac OS, Apple hardware, and Boot Camp updates have been applied to the system. If you have Windows Vista on your Boot Camp partition and wish to upgrade to Windows 7, keep in mind that in order to do so you must meet a rather stringent requirement.

Since its release earlier in the week, i Tunes 8 has In a support post, Apple recommends that Windows Vista users experiencing difficulty should uninstall i Tunes 8 and, after rebooting the computer, reinstall the updated application.

(You can download the updated i Tunes 8 for Windows from CNET's ) Also on Friday, Apple posted recommendations regarding problems experienced by Windows XP and Windows Vista users when syncing the i Phone or i Pod Touch devices containing saved photos.

Just open the Boot Camp Assistant in OS X, select "Create or remove a Windows partition" and click "Continue," and then select the disk with Windows on it, select "Restore to a single Mac OS partition, and click "Continue." If you only have one internal hard drive, you can just click "Restore" to remove Windows.

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Additionally, an upgrade can only be done for a version of Windows 7 that is the same "bitness" as the current operating system.Apple supports running Windows 7 on all Intel-Mac models, except for the following ones, so if you have an early Intel-Mac model, you may be out of luck for official support; however, you might still be able to get Windows running in an unsupported manner (though you do this at your own risk): If you are interested in running the 64-bit version of Windows 7, Apple only supports this on computers released in 2008 and later.For the full and specific list of models supported, read the following Apple Knowledgebase article: Apply all system updates before installing Windows 7 Apple has released a number of support updates for running Windows 7 in Boot Camp, in addition to Boot Camp itself, which include firmware and driver updates for several Macs, and utilities for the Windows install process.Unfortunately, if you install the 32-bit version of Windows 7 you will not be able to upgrade to the 64-bit version and will have to perform a clean install.If your "bitness" matches up and you are ready to upgrade, as with a clean installation of Windows be sure that you apply all applicable software and firmware updates to the Mac OS and Mac hardware before applying the update.

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