Prevent firefox from updating itself

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The automatic update preferences were changed by the user in the browser This is the easiest to solve, as you can do so right from within the browser.Do the following to check and modify Firefox's update settings: If that is not the case, switch to the option and you have enabled automatic updates again. The update preferences were modified by third-party software If the changes mentioned above don't stick, then the update settings may have been modified by third-party software or a system administrator.If you are being told that Firefox is out of date (our homepage will tell you if Firefox is out of date) then in most cases you just need to wait a few hours and Firefox will auto update itself.If this doesn't occur, it's possible that: Fixing these issues is beyond the scope of this article; these situations are typically rare.If those are the only lines in the file, you may delete the entire file instead.You may create a new profile alternatively which corrects the issue as well.(via Sören) Now You: Have you configured your browser to update automatically?

This is done to keep the browser from patching certain vulnerabilities, likely to keep the system vulnerable to attacks or exploits.This guide will step you through the process of updating your Firefox web browser.Do you need to know what version of Firefox do I have?In normal circumstances, Firefox will keep itself up to date automatically - if for some reason Firefox didn't update itself, please speak to your IT Support team for further help.The Firefox web browser is configured to check for and install updates automatically by default.

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