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t=116893 DCS: List of Vacant models: -- ARAK M70/B rocket pod with HE and Armour piercing warheads. t=104115 21Squad DCS: World News: https:// Silver_Dragon Youtube Spanish 4Th Perrus Squadon Member: (Hope To) -- ECM (Hope To) -- ECCM (Hope To) -- Flare, chaff, decoy launchers (Hope To) -- Carrier improvements --- Marshal stack, case I, II, II recoveries, refuelling tankers, LSO, and deck activity (planned) -- Submarine improvements --- Ability to submerge / surface (planned) --- Ability to fire on immersion (Hope To) - Other Systems * Environmental / 3D / FX improvements: - Air environment -- Mine-laying systems (planned) -- Cold War Anti Air Artillery (planned) -- Troop transport ability () (201?

The T-80U is powered by the GTD-1250 powerful gasturbine engine developing 920 k W (1,250 hp).No one can resist temptation from having these soft muffins.Within 20 minutes of time with Oven, it is ready to serve your family. RAZBAM - AV8B Harrier Night Attack ( __________________ More news to the front Wishlist: ED / 3rd Party Campaings My Rig: Intel I-5 750 2.67Ghz / Packard Bell FMP55 / 16 GB DDR3 RAM / GTX-1080 8 GB RAM / HD 1Tb/2Tb / Warthog / 2 MDF / TFPR DCS: Roadmap (unofficial): -- RB24/24J/74 Air-to-Air IR guided Sidewinder missiles (AIM-9/B/J/L) -- X-tank External fuel tank.

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