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Surveys are conducted every quarter and during crisis. CANLAON VOLCANO Monitoring Techniques and Devices The CVO’s seismic instruments consist of a Teledyne and a Kinemetrics PS-1A portable seismographs.The MVO also has a Kinemetrics while the Ca VO has a Hosaka seismograph.Another temporary seismic station is at Bulusan Lake, 5.9 kms SE of the crater and at elevation 340 m above sea level.A Kinemetrics PS-1A portable seismograph is presently in operation.Around Taal Lake are installed tide gauges as part of the lake tilt system.Precise levelling and EDM benchmarks are located in the SW, in the volcano island near the 1965 eruption site.

Important seismograms of volcanic crisis are stored in the Main Office, too, and their reproduction is being facilitated.

Three tiltmeters on a radial line through MRHO are telemetered to LHO.

Recently LHO has begun monitoring the water table on the SE side of Mayon.

Personnel in the CVO routinely conducts visual observations of steam emission, which varies from nil to voluminous.

Sulfur stench is also one of the parameters being noted.

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