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This means that encryption is applied automatically without a user needing to switch it on.”…Here, the juvenile court may have reasonably sought to prevent Mike from concealing his online activity or electronic communications through encrypted programs or applications.For example, the court says the broad restrictions on using the Internet are unconstitutional: A blanket restriction forbidding Mike from using a computer for anything other than school-related assignments precludes his extracurricular use of a computer to write letters, create art, use software to learn a foreign language, read the news, check sports scores or movie times, research medical information, and obtain other legitimate information wholly unrelated to his criminal conduct in this case.Such a broad restriction is not narrowly tailored or reasonably related to the state’s interest in rehabilitating Mike.There is no apparent connection between the crime and Mike’s viewing of Internet pornography or sexually explicit material.” The state can’t save the condition on the grounds of protecting minors from obscene material: “read literally, condition 53 bars him from accessing Internet services like Netflix that contain movies with nudity.Conditions 38 and 56 arguably prohibit him from ‘owning, for instance, a photo of Michelangelo’s David or, of Gauguin’s Two Tahitian Women.'” While these rulings are interesting, I’m not sure they are novel.She went on to write and star in the seminal AIDS play . Jonathan Soroff: Is there a show or movie of yours you watch repeatedly?Lisa Edelstein: It’s sort of a rule that I never watch myself more than once, twice at most, or else the judgment factory starts producing headlines and bumper stickers and refrigerator magnets about everything I dislike about myself.

It’s nice to see a court recognize that encryption devices are not per se bad technology, and it’s interesting to see how the proliferation of encryption into our everyday affairs makes it impossible to avoid even if we tried. Mike, a minor, pled guilty to committing sodomy on a minor against his girlfriend.The crime had no relationship to the Internet, although Mike and his girlfriend had texted each other and Mike admitted to masturbating to online pornography once a week.We know what matters most, and can focus on the big stuff, not the minutiae.And we’re truly capable of rich, wholehearted love, the best kind there is!

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