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Lower Commons, Panorama Room Explore how social technology impacts our daily expectations and experiences, and how to achieve the ideals of making an impact, experiencing deep fulfillment, and having meaningful relationships, cooperation, and a sense of belonging.Presenter: Elizabeth Amezcua, Senior Health Educator, SHC Wednesday 04/25/2018 - p.m. Lower Commons, Panorama Room The college experience and life in general can, at times, be extremely stressful.The challenges of school, work, activities, relationships, and finding balance can begin to overwhelm you as you allow doubt and negative self-talk to invade your thoughts but you can take back your thoughts!

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Meet local Panorama City single women right now at Date Through the use of a feelings log and a discussion of “hot buttons,” students will learn effective ways to recognize and handle their anger, in order to improve their daily lives.Presenter: Ashley Spencer, BA, Health Education Assistant, SHC Wednesday 05/09/2018 - p.m.Presenter: Tavon Harris, MSW, CAPS Therapist Wednesday 04/11/18 - a.m.Lower Commons, Eucalyptus Room “I don’t like hanging out with other women—men are so much easier to get along with.” “Females/girls can’t be trusted - you know how catty they can be.” Chances are you have either heard or expressed some of these sentiments yourself.

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